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A recap of the 10 sexiest x-men

Let’s face it, whether it be a boy or girl mutant, we love to love the X-Men! The hot characters started out appearing in comic books back in 1963. The great concept of mutants (people with superhuman abilities) finding a side, good or evil on which to battle, has captivated fans over decades. The popular comic book series eventually became a cartoon and was later adapted in movies.

Part of the popularity stems from the fire engine hot characters in the storyline. Several characters have been worked into the storyline over the years, each with their own unique sexy story to tell. All of the X-Men are in impeccable shape with rock solid bodies, and each outfit is sexier than the last!


When the X-Men movies started coming out, for me it felt like a dream come true. I had so many steamy fantasies involving sexy mutants, and finally here we have movies that bring the comic book characters to life!

Now that the costumes have been made, why stop there? Why not make a quality porno? If (and when) it finally happens, here are the top 10 characters that should be casted for explosive sex scenes.

10. Blink

Blink is a burning purple flame. She is a bad mutant who tortures others to get her way. She attacks others using her powers to send them into a different dimension when it suits her. I imagine Blink taking her partners away to another place in time where she can torture and have her way with them.

9. Cyclops

This hunky man has powers that are out of this world. He can direct deadly powerful blasts of energy from his eyes. Ladies, be careful and get this guy a blindfold! This one-eyed mutant is in the habit of using his other senses. He can get a hot scene started by first getting tied up.

8. Storm

This striking white haired mutant is Storm. She is able to manipulate the weather creating deadly natural disasters using her emotions. When Storm gives herself over to her partner, they will feel the earth shaking effects of her orgasm.

7. Warpath

Is there anything sexier than a man with long hair? This mutant has superhuman durability and strength. This means that he can withstand punches, pinches and slaps while having the roughest sex. He’s ready for anything.

6. Polaris

The green queen is called Polaris. This mutant has powers to manipulate magnetic fields and can also use this field to protect herself and others. That means that when Polaris starts getting into her sexy mode and starts riding her man, there is no alarm, ringing phone, knock at the door, nothing that will interrupt her sexy force field.

5. Gambit

Gambit is an acrobatic mutant. He lived on the streets as a child so he knows how to fight and how to play dirty. Gambit’s sex appeal is unleashed in his explosive card games and his cute Cajun French accent. His agility and tightly toned body give him athletic endurance so that he can slam all night long.

4. Rogue

This pretty young thing has a nasty streak. With skin-to-skin contact, she is able to absorb memories, special powers and abilities. For this reason, Rogue must stay fully clothed to protect others from hurting them. Thank goodness her suit is skin tight! Rogue’s latex cat suit is smooth and hot in all of the right places.

3. Wolverine

Everyone knows this X-Men bad boy. Part man, part wolf, part steel he is a powerful animal. Let this animal hunt, since that’s what he wants. Wolverine should be teased, whipped and cooled down with ice cubes for the best foreplay.


2. Jean Grey – Phoenix

This raging fiery force is called Jean Grey. Jean Grey is one of the most powerful and sexiest of X-Men. She has mindreading and thought transplanting powers. She can also set fire to just about anything. Jean Grey would heat up any sexy scene by reading her partner’s mind and giving him or her exactly what’s on the mind.

1. Beast

My personal favourite is Beast. Who can resist a blue well-dressed devil with book smarts? Have no fear, he always has the answer and knows how to push your buttons. Beast’s special power: he’s an animal in bed. The gentle beast will grow ferocious in the sack using his unusually long arms and legs to pin-down his girl while he penetrates her like a beast.

We would love to see these X-Men fucking each other, and other “normal” humans. Mutant sex would take sexual extremes to new heights. And until the pornos are available, there’s always the option of dressing up, because there’s no reason why you can’t have a bit of mutant sex of your own.

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