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Trust us – we know that first dates are some of the most awkward situations that a guy will ever find them in. It really is rough on the lady as well! There are ways that you can make the whole process a whole lot easier on the both of you, and all you have to do is avoid these five common screw ups that way too many guys make on first dates. Are any of you guilty of these first date fuck ups?

Trying to impress her with cash.

This is the number one mistake made by way to many guys – especially those who are used to having their income get their way. Even if you’re a multi-gazillioaire who spends money like water, save the black credit cards for another date. You don’t need to pay for the cab ride, the dinner, the drinks, the movie and the cab ride back – offer to go halves or at least pay in rounds. You probably don’t want a chick that’s only after your cash – so just think of it in reverse. She doesn’t want a guy who only wants to splash it out. This goes for gifts on the first date as well. Seriously – you just met. Keep the roses at the florist for now.


Being way too open, way too soon.

Don’t forget to leave a bit of mystery behind. Your new date doesn’t need to know your life story within two hours of meeting you. Strike a balance between giving her enough information to actually allow her to go get to know you. This will also help prevent you from dominating the conversation, and let her get a few words in as well.


Not being ready for the date itself.

Take a shower. Comb your hair. Put on some clean clothes (preferably ironed ones). Get deodorant on. Don’t go crazy on the cologne. Make sure you’ve got enough money to cover the night. Have a condom. Know where you’re meeting her. You’d think these were all basics that every guy should sort out in the hours before a date but the number of guy friends I have that go from the office right to their first date just makes me shake my head in shame.


Missing the ‘make your move’ signals.

Way too many fellas get anxious over the whole “do I kiss her or not” problem. Guys – it’s as simple as this. If you think the date is going well enough to warrant a kiss – DO THE KISS. If you’re truly clueless, look for some signals. Is she touching you – especially your arms and hands? Is she sitting close enough to be kissing distance? Is she looking at you in the face but not saying much? Go ahead guys. Lean in for that smooch.  


Not being yourself.

I’m guessing that you and your potential date had at least a few exchanges prior to your first night out. I’m also guessing that you didn’t put up some big fake front as to who you are. Don’t change that plan. If you’re going on a date with someone that you could actually see having a  long term relationship with, don’t pretend to be someone that you aren’t. Not only is it going to conflict with the “you” that your date has already got to know (and obviously likes to agree to a date) it’s going to be hard to keep up this fake persona long term!

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