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They say the more the merrier — and I totally agree, especially when it comes to cam girls. I mean, nothing beats watching two hot chicks touching themselves down there on camera. 

So, when I found out that Avery Black and Kylie Rocket starred in a live cam show, I didn’t hesitate to check it out as soon as I could. 

For those who are not familiar with these girls, here’s a quick intro. 

Avery is an Asian bombshell who has made tons of webcam videos. For her, camming is life. 

She’s not the sociable type as she prefers to stay at home instead of hanging out. 

Aside from her job requiring her to stay home most of the time, there are other reasons why she had to — her cats Izzie Stevens Black and Penny Mayday Black. 

She’s so in love with her cats that she considers them her children. 

As for Kylie, she’s the type of chick who likes keeping her body fit. She regularly goes to the gym and performs Pilates. 

I think she’s quite the adventurous type as she enjoys trying food from around the world. But according to her, sushi and pasta are her favorite. 

She has an OnlyFans account, and it’s brimming with self-created content that can make you cum in no time. Her fans love her vids coz they think Kylie is at her best on those. 

Aside from being on OnlyFans, this goddess is also active on other social media platforms. 

Asian Cutie and Hot Friend Masturbate on Live Cam

They’re both stunning and my eyes can’t decide on which body to focus on. Well, maybe I can just look at them both or play the video on repeat so I can savor all the details. 

I just loved it when the both of them flaunted their sweet booties on cam. 

Their pussies are great — and I know I’m gonna cum buckets tonight. So yeah, you might wanna check it out too!

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