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Did you know that there are also sex toys for men

Actually, there are tons but they’re not frequently advertised compared to women’s toys. 

If you’re looking to start your own collection, you might want to check out men’s adult toys at Jerkmate Shop. Who knows — maybe you can find something that’ll fit your personal preferences. 

We understand that your needs as a gentleman may differ from the ladies. Luckily, there are also various types of toys that you can try. 

Is this your first time shopping for a bedroom plaything? 

Fret no more because later on this article, you’ll be introduced to a variety of toys that you can try —regardless of your sexual preferences.

But before that, it’s probably best to take extra precautions in buying products in this category because not everything you see online (or on other sex shops) is body-safe. Beware of toxic materials — they might be cheap but you might end up spending more for hospital care!

Now, without further ado, here is your guide to buying your first men’s plaything:





The purpose of a masturbator is to imitate the sensations you feel during penetrative sex. 

Are you tired of using your hands for jerking off? 

Or maybe you want to experience more pleasure during your masturbation sessions? 

If that’s so, masturbators can be the ideal toy for you!

It provides more sensation and texture compared to just using your hands. You can even use this as a training aid — practice makes perfect, right? 

The most popular masturbator in the market today is Fleshlight — and it’s available on Jermate Shop. 

When you want to use this adult toy, you might also want to stock up on lubricants because it’ll be impossible to use them without adequate lubrication. 

Tip: Use water-based lubes because other types can damage your masturbator. 

Moreover, you might want to ensure that you clean and dry your toy properly before storing them. Failing to do so can lead to the development of molds — and moldy toys belong in the trash!

Masturbators are made of porous materials which can be an ideal sanctuary for bacteria. 

However, even if you clean them properly, it’s inevitable that you might need to replace them after some time. 

Do you want to make your masturbation sessions more realistic? 

Well, maybe you can purchase other accessories like a torso and full-body sex dolls, and masturbation holders. 

Those might be quite costly, but they can probably provide you with real-life experience — and a hands-free solution!


Cock Rings

Cock Rings


Do you want to have longer-lasting erections during sexual intercourse? 

If you do, then cock rings can be your go-to sex toy!

Aside from being a good solution for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, they can also make your manhood appear larger and harder — thanks to all the extra blood!

Some men even use cock rings to improve their flaccid bulge — probably to impress women!

You can wear it at the base of your shaft or behind your testicles to provide more pressure to your perineum. 

Cock rings are made of different materials so be careful with your selection because some can be detrimental to your health.

It might be best to stay away from rigid rings such as models that are made of stainless steel — it might get stuck once you have a full erection. 

And the worse thing that could happen is an embarrassing trip to the emergency room!

With that said, it’s highly recommended that you use silicone cock rings. They can be used repeatedly and they’re also safe for long-term usage. 

Moreover, if you want extra stimulation, you might want to try vibrating models. They can bring more pleasure to your manhood and to your partner’s clitoris.

You can still use them even without a partner — just pair them with an anal toy or a masturbator and you’re good to go!

While cock rings are relatively safe, it might be best to practice extra caution at all times. It’s probably best that you take them off from time to time to allow blood to circulate. 


Prostate Massagers

Prostate Massagers


Are you looking for a toy that can help with genital conditions like prostatitis? 

If you are, then prostate massagers can be ideal for you. Aside from it can help you medically, it can also provide you with extra fun!

Did you know that your prostate is considered to be the “male G-spot?” In fact, it is sometimes called a P-spot!

With that said, stimulating your prostate can offer you pleasure — not just a prevention and treatment device!

Prostate massagers can also be ideal for people who are quite hesitant about inserting toys in their back door since most of these types are quite small. 

When you’re looking for a small prostate massager on Jermate Shop, you might want to check out Aneros — it’s one of the most popular P-spot playthings!

Aneros models are quite the same size as your finger — give and take a few centimeters. You can even enjoy its hands-free feature!

It means that you can easily wear them while having sex to provide you with extra stimulation and pleasure. 

Is this your first time doing a butt insertion?

The experience might probably be easier by relaxing, taking deep breaths, and doing micro-contractions. And of course, more practice and you’ll eventually get the hang of it!


Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs


These are quite different from prostate toys but they also have their own benefits. 

You can use butt plugs in training yourself to become more comfortable with some butt play. 

Aside from being a hands-free solution, you can also use them for long periods. 

Are you a newbie when it comes to anal sex? 

Well, you might want to get a complete anal trainer set to prepare yourself for serious action in the future

Do you enjoy some public play? 

Luckily, there are butt plugs that can be worn for an entire day and remote-controlled vibrating devices. 

Awesome, right?

Jermate Shop has a wide array of toy collections for every gender and interest! Visit Jermate Shop now and check out their men’s toys section!

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