If you’re big and beautiful or if you love them gorgeous chubby ladies you will absolutely love this post on big and beautiful self-shots. I think that girls with curves are very sexy women plus I hear that they are naughtier than the most of us.
These ladies have the amazing chance of having big booty’s, big tits and the most amazing and luscious curves. If you’ve never been with a bigger woman, I suggest you try one now. They can suck your dick like no other and they can give you what you want without asking for anything in return. It’s like ordering a plus size Double Big Mac meal at McDonalds… a little extra of everything good!

If you think about it, before the media and magazines ran our lives and dictated what we should wear or what we should look like, the thicker ladies were what was beautiful in a woman. A woman with curves was considered a beautiful sight and most likely to bear your children. After years of brain washing most women want to look like all the models look like…men. No boobs, no ass, and most of the time a more defined jawline. Haven’t they ever stopped to think that most girls can’t look like that and that it will destroy the real beauty that is them? These thicker ladies are seductive, gorgeous and absolutely stunning. If you’re chubby and confident then you are beautiful. Fuck them magazines, beauty is skin deep and not based on the size of pants you wear.

Here’s to all those beautiful chubby girls that dare to show their stunning curvaceous bodies to the world and who are confident and know they are sexy. I love those big and beautiful self-shots and I hope you love them as much as me!