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Do you love masturbating when you’re all alone in your room?

Not everyone would admit to doing this. However, it’s human instinct that we find ways to satisfy ourselves.

But did you know that you can reap a lot of benefits from your jerk off routines? 

Yes, you read that right! Masturbation can benefit you in several ways. 

Masturbation Benefits for Women

In the history of humankind, the masturbation act of women is considered to be taboo. Other people do not embrace the fact that the female population needs to release sexual tension every once in a while. 

Fortunately, Science has explained the different advantages of this satisfying deed.

It boosts happiness

Well, this is the best reason why you should masturbate on a regular basis. When you orgasm, your body releases oxytocin and dopamine which are considered to be “happy hormones.” It gives you a natural high feeling and as a result, boosts your happiness. 

It promotes sexual maturity

If you don’t understand your body well and learn about how it wants to achieve pleasure, you won’t be able to enjoy your sexual activities with a partner.

Sex would feel way better when you see yourself as someone that conquers pleasure and satisfaction instead of being a sexual gratification object. 

With that said, masturbation can help you determine what your body really wants to reach pleasure heaven. When you succeed in doing that, you can suggest to your partner what he can do in bed. 

Aside from enjoying the sex better, you’ll also feel more connected in the relationship. 

It promotes better sleep

Are you restless during nighttime? Or maybe you’re experiencing sleep disorders like insomnia? 

There are nights where your mind doesn’t seem to calm down. Through a quick jerk off session, your body will release endorphins that would alter your mood and help you relax. As a result, you can fall asleep easier – and of course, achieve high-quality sleep.

It eases menstrual cramps

Some females don’t want to have sex or even touch themselves when they’re on their period. Well, we totally understand that. Everyone is entitled to their personal preference. 

However, would you change your mind if you know that masturbation can give you relief from cramps? It can provide you similar benefits that a heating pad has – only more fun and exciting!

Masturbation Benefits on Men

Masturbating as a gentleman might be one of your favorite things to do when you’re spending solitary nights at home. But did you know that it can give you health benefits as well? 

You can enjoy numerous benefits like decreased frustration, a happier mood, and reduced stress. The advantages are massive that some studies even recommend that you do this naughty act 21 times a month!

It reduces premature ejaculation

Have you ever experienced premature ejaculation while having sex with your partner? It’s embarrassing, right?

When you are single and don’t receive sexual pleasure for a long time, it’s possible that all those excitement will build up. With that said, you’ll need to masturbate often so your body will develop a high tolerance to various sexual stimuli. 

It means that if you don’t masturbate, it would be possible that you’ll cum quickly than you’d intend to. Aside from being embarrassing, it can also be frustrating for you and your partner. Even though you want to continue experiencing the pleasure, there’s nothing that you can do because you’re already done. While your partner might be disappointed because she’s not finished yet. 

It is recommended that you masturbate on a regular basis to increase your tolerance.

Tip: Jack off two hours before having sex to increase your stamina. 

It prevents prostate cancer

According to Harvard University’s study, masturbating for at least 21 times a month can reduce your risk of prostate cancer to up to 33%. 

The study had a sample size of 31,925 males. Researchers found a direct link to the frequency of masturbation to the prevention of prostate cancer. 

In fact, jerking off every day can keep your prostate in optimum health. 

It enhances sperm mobility

A theory stated that when you jack off, you release old and residual sperm from your genitals’ transporting tubules. 

With that said, if you are planning a baby, it is best that you masturbate first before having sexual intercourse. Since there’s a fresh batch of semen, there’s a higher chance that you can impregnate your partner. 

There are a huge number of health benefits of masturbation that can’t be discussed in one sitting. Well, what’s important is you already know how beneficial this is to your health!

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