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Your daily plan to a sexier shape

Do you still have your Santa Clause suit on from the holidays? With the summer temperatures fast approaching, don’t get caught in last season’s body. After months of hibernating, watching movies after eating a big hot meal let’s face it – you might have gone a bit soft. Well, it’s time to get back in gear and morph back into the sexy beast that you were born to be. It’ll be easy with a sex workout.

When the hot weather hits, everyone has one thing on their mind – taking their clothes off. Even if you’re not a big beach fan, the summer heat will have you wearing t-shirts, shorts, and tank tops to stay cool. You can start getting ready for that weather right now with a sexy workout plan so that when the time comes, you’ll be rock solid.

The best workout is the one that you can fit into your everyday life. One exercise technique that keeps everyone interested is sex. You may not realize it, but sex provides great exercise and adds to your overall general health. From cardio to great muscle toning, sex is a great workout routine that will help you lose weight and keep it off.

Getting a workout partner on board with the plan can greatly increase your weight-loss success. If you’re single you can connect to a hot webcam site where you can access girls 24/7. Or if you’re in a relationship a new workout plan works best if your partner gets started with you. Having extra support to eat healthier and workout will go a long way to keep you motivated to stick to the plan to work toward a healthier, sexier you.
Alternate between different sexual positions for best results. Follow this sex workout plan throughout the year and reap the benefits.

Sex Workout

Burn over 550 calories everyday

Get up 30 minutes earlier than usual to burn 220 calories. Start your day with some light stretching for 5-7 minutes. Stretch your body from head to toe, shaking out your arms and legs.

Kick the day off with some oral sex. There are two positions so you and your partner can alternate and take turns throughout the week. In one of the two following positions you will do the pelvic thrust and hold to perform oral sex for 15-20 minutes.

Getting head. If you’re the one getting your dick wet, then get into a pelvic thrust position as illustrated above. Keep both feet on the ground to start. Bring your torso off the ground so that your body is flat from your knees to your back. To burn 30 more calories lift one leg. Hold this position while you get head. This move works great on your abs and calves. Plus, the tension from the exercise and the excitement of getting head in the morning will make your orgasm memorable.

Giving head. If you’re giving head, get into the Upward Dog yoga position. Lower your head so that your chin is level with the ground so that you can move your neck comfortably. Use a variety of head movements bobbing forwards and back and rolling in circular movements going clockwise and then revers. This move is great for toning the neck, chest and arms. It’s also a sure pleaser for your partner.

Finish your workout with 5 minutes of body rolls. Loosen up your body by moving your body like a snake. Start by rolling your shoulders, then chest, stomach and butt down to your knees and then start again from the top. Do the body rolls in front of your partner if you can. This will create some sexual tension that you can build on throughout the day. Do 20 rolls forward and twenty in reverse.

Use your lunch break wisely. While you’re eating, imagine fingers lightly stroking your dick and massaging your balls. This way when you get out of your seat, with every step, every little move your package makes will excite you more and more. Sex-text your partner to let her know that you’re still hot from the morning workout and ready to go again. Take a five minute walk and think about the sexy activity you had that morning while you’re on your way to your favorite place nearby to increase the anticipation.
When you arrive start masturbating and continue for 15 minutes to get another 100 calories burned for the day. This move is great because achieving orgasm to finish your lunch break will increase your metabolism and also clear your head so that you can be more productive at work.

You’ll find that you don’t have a very big appetite for dinner because sex actually reduces cravings for sweet and unhealthy foods. Get a healthy nutritious meal to keep your energy up to keep going through the rest of your day.
Connect with your girlfriend and burn another 250 calories. Begin with 5 min of body rolls. This will get you lose and ready for action. This move is very seductive, so it will get things working in the right direction.
Attack your favourite sex position for 30 min. Explain to her that you masturbated during your lunch hour and tell her what you thought about while you were doing it to add some dirty talk. The missionary, face sitter and woman on top are all great options here. For a more advanced move, clench your buttocks while you two go at it.

Get to bed early and get a good rest. Getting a good night’s rest is extremely important to keep fit. Sleeping burns calories and helps to rejuvenate your body. The next day you will have enough energy to have another great workout.

Stick with this sexy plan to get your hot body back. Sex is more than just fun, the added intimacy is good for your health! Getting more action with good workouts has never been easier.

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