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I like butts and I cannot lie. Yes, I do, I really do and self-shot butts are even better. I have definitely found the best of both worlds. I cute girl taking her own picture and letting us see her fantastic back side is what I call a perfect self shot. Here is my gift to you today, from the bottom of my pants my favorite collection of free hot girl self shots.

I know that many websites and blogs are dedicated to self shots. I think it’s because they are amateur and of course impromptu. You know there was probably no one with the cute girl when she snapped a hot self shot which makes it all that more exciting. They can be in public places like bathrooms, hotel lobbies, messy bedrooms, kitchens, yards, any place there is a mirror they can do it!! I especially love the fact that almost all self shots are photoshop free. You get the real thing and that’s what we all want don’t we? The real deal, the hot girl self shot that makes you cum a little in your pants when you look at it. The self shot that makes you feel like you were there, or maybe makes you want to be there.
There is something about a girls back side that is just fascinating to me. Maybe it’s the curve of her body, or maybe it’s the fact that we see a glimpse of her butt, but there is something special about these kinds of hot self shots. I especially love it when they are wearing cute panties. I’ve got a tiny panty fetish and when I see a girls amazing ass covered only by a thong I totally lose it. There is something exciting about panties. Makes you imagine what’s hiding underneath. I’ve been one to have a few surprises but most of the time it’s all good! My favorite ones are the ones where the panties are slightly moved to one side. They are so yummy, just a little glimpse of what could be. I love it!


I think that every girl on the planet with a cell phone has taken at least one self shot of herself. I would totally be surprised a girl told me she hadn’t. There is something about a mirror and a camera. It’s just a reflex and it takes only a few seconds and there you have it, sexy self shot to send your boyfriend, or in my case girlfriend! These free hot girl self shots were hand-picked by yours truly. I tried to add everything from big butts to tiny tight asses. Hope you like them and please feel free to comment, share, fap and whatever else you feel like doing with my awesome blog!

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