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Dating is a very touchy and sometimes scary subject. We are not all Don Juan’s and we don’t always know the right way to act to get our unsuspecting date into bed on the first encounter. With my many years of dating experience and sexual rendezvous’ I am offering my free online dating advice that is sure to get you laid on the first date no matter what you look like or how bad a flirt you are.


First things first, before anything you need to know what you are looking for which will give you a sense of direction when looking for a mate to fuck.


We all know there is an incredible amount of dating websites out there and it can sometimes feel overwhelming to look for the right one. These websites all have different objectives and members that’s why it’s important to know what you are actually looking for.
If you’re looking for a hot young lesbian couple to seduce and play with, you will go to websites offering that kind of service, if you’re into weird and kinky sex stuff you don’t want to be looking for it on cutesy websites where their main attraction is “80% of our members marry” you’ll lean towards websites with people as kinky and horny as you are, get my drift?
I for one am a one-nighter searcher. You might think it’s easy for a girl like me to conveniently find people to fuck each and every night but it has proven to be a massive challenge until I found the right website for me. The second I built and published my profile on easydatingexposed.com I was instantaneously buried with messages from hundreds of men and women ready to fulfill all my naughty daily sexual needs and to tell you the truth I will never look for another dating site again.


When you finally find the right website for you, you need to build a profile. Keep it simple and do not overdo it. Saying you’re the prince of some unknown far off country will not get more women in your bed, it will just scare them off because and this may come as a surprise to you but… yes girls are not as stupid and naïve as you might think!

Add a great and realistic description of yourself and stop pretending you’re someone you’re not because she will eventually find out your cock isn’t 8 inches long and 3 inches wide.
Now is the time for pictures. Add cute, fun and sexy pictures of yourself and by sexy I do not mean the Zoolander look in a fireman’s outfit. Be yourself and look right into the camera and if you still think you look ugly you can instagram the shit out of them, that always seems to work for the ladies.


Most guys think that acting like a jack ass will get them laid…WRONG!! Acting like a jack ass will just make you masturbate the night away and leave you rocking in the foetal position in a dark corner remembering the good old days where you were getting laid.


Of course if you jump on the hottest girl of the website she will shut you down faster than you can say “hey baby” and you probably won’t have a chance in the world of satisfying your dirty needs.
Be realistic, look for a 7 or an 8. You know the girl who is not bad looking and who seems friendly. Chances are you’re the first message she will get that week so your chances of getting laid just went up 50 %.


It’s all about the numbers. Once you’ve understood this important fact your sex life will never be the same.
Send out messages with a clear intent to as many 7 or 8’s as you can. Make sure they are not in the same city or neighborhood, some girls join as friends and support and if two friends see you sent them the same message you will get shut down by both and no one wants that.


Once first contact is established you need to flirt your ass off. Remember, it’s all about her. What she likes, how good she looks and what you would do with her or to her.
If you’re out of words when it gets naughty there are tons of websites or blogs that can jump start your inspiration with dirty stories.
Do not for the love of god use bad pick up lines!! It will destroy your chances and will turn them off forever. You don’t want them talking to their friends about the loser they just met, do you?


Now that you have scheduled some ladies for the week, still doesn’t mean you’ll get them sucking your dick. A few more easy steps and your home free, you will finally get what you’ve been dreaming about.
Make sure the location you choose for the date is favorable for igniting her sexual flame. Some place that is crowded enough you will have to stay close but not too loud as to kill the mood. Some place where the music is good and the ambiance leans towards sexual arousal…every city has at least one of these places so choose wisely. Do not set a date during the week if she works week days, her excuse will automatically be I’ve got work tomorrow and that my friend means no sex for you.


I say clean home because before the date you called your mom and got her to clean up good. A pleasant smelling and clean home is much better at inviting your partner to want to stay than having dust balls rolling around at her feet and suspicious activity in your refrigerator.
Make an excuse to just stop by and get something (dropped wine on a shirt and now need to change?), invite her in saying you don’t think it’s safe for her to stay in the car in this part of the neighborhood. Offer her a drink and leave her for a few minutes. Make sure you’ve picked up any crap, other girls panties or ex’s photos because she will be snooping around while you do what you gotta do.
Now the rest is all up to you. If you’ve done a good job flirting and stimulating her and your house is inviting, 90% of the work is done.
Now it’s time to round it up for the kill. Asks her what she wants to do and always keep eye contact. Put your extra super sensual charm on and attack that girl and give her the sex she’s always dreamed about because yes, girls fantasize about sex!

If all these tips and tricks and my always excellent personal free online dating advice doesn’t get you laid on the first date then you must be doing something wrong. I have tried and used these techniques over and over again and they have always worked for me so they should carry out for you. If still you can’t find a date to fuck then maybe you’re just doomed to never fuck again.

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