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Us girls all know how much of a pervert you men can be and you know what… there is nothing wrong with that. I actually encourage and applaud perversity. I think everyone should explore and develop their naughty side for the well being of the whole population. Sexually satisfied people are usually friendlier, more relaxed and mostly healthy so why not hop on the pervert train with me and find out how you can actually get a hold of your ex-girlfriend’s sex tapes in 5 easy steps.


We know you pissed her off and that’s the reason she left your sorry ass but this situation can prove to be a positive one. Call her up or facebook her, telling her how much of a jerk you were and that you understand her reasons for leaving you. Thank her for trying to make you a better man and for all the good times. Tell her that you would like it if you could stay friends and in a gesture of pure friendship you thought about her and bought her 2 tickets for a day at the spa so she can relax and take it easy with another girlfriend. You know they will probably talking about you but who cares, your gonna see your ex-girlfriend’s sex tapes.

Little does she know as soon as she is out the door, your making your way to her place (cause you still have the keys) and once your in you may let the snooping begin. Search for hard drives. All smart girls put their naughys on hard drives… and most of them do not know how to lock it. There usually not that hard to find just look close to her computer or in a closet. Once you’ve found it grab the hard drive (make sure you remember exactly the way it was.), plug it into your laptop (that you of course brought on this expedition) and voila…all her secrets exposed. Might hurt to see her fucking and sucking another cock but it she was yours for a while so it’s your own damn fault.


Tell her you want closure. That sex with her was the best you’ve ever had (lie if you have to) and that you can’t imagine spending your life not knowing what your last fuck will be like. Tell her you both need this to move on with your lives and that it is the definite end to your once fantastic story. Once you’ve manipulated her to think its a great idea, set the mood, hide some cameras and it’s all good to go!

When creating your super nasty sex tape think gonzo style porn so all we see is your dick and her tight wet pussy, you wouldn’t want your mommy to see you fuck your ex-gf once you’ve exposed the sex tape now would you?


If you don’t already know who her ex’s are then you of course need to do some facebook research. Find out who they are, where they hang out and make sure you keep up to date with their comings and goings. If they say they are going out somewhere to party you need to be there. You need to slowly integrate yourself to their group. Buy shooters, drinks and get them really drunk. People tend to talk more freely and be naughtier when piss drunk.

Now that you’ve got them where you want them start veering the subject on past relationships and sex. Engage in the locker room talk. Talk about how and when. Make sure they do not know you have the same ex. Ask questions like, did you cheat on any of your ex’s, how was the sex, where was the strangest place and last but not least, “ I bet your not wicked enough to have proof of that” Usually this brings the male dominant to show what he is capable of. He will be proud of his exploits and probably has the naughty proof in his phone somewhere ready for show and tell. All you have to do now is either steal his phone or borrow it so you can fap to it in the bathroom. No one knows you will be recording yourself a copy, they’ll all think your a dirty dirty boy masturbating in the public bathroom of a dingy nightclub.


While still banging her you need to try this one out and keep it for future reference. If your not with her anymore you will need to sacrifice yourself and get back together until she puts out on webcam or you can pretend you are her perfect man on a dating website she is already registered on and eventually lead up to a naughty cam show. You would be surprised what some girls would do for big fresh juicy cocks, just tell her you’ve got a net-worth of 600 000 a year and she will be begging you to watch her fuck herself on cam.

Once you’ve got her to agree to a naughty show, get her to do what ever you want and effortlessly use a simple screen capture program like Snag it and video tape the whole sinful show. Get her doing things you never got her to do before but don’t over do it because she might realize something is up. You need to act the part of the rich guy who wants to give her everything. Once it’s all said and done, I don’t care what you do, now you’ve got your ex doing the nasty on video and that’s what this is all about right?


Call your ex up and tell her you either need to get some stuff from her place or just want to talk. Once she is in the bathroom or busy with something just grab those spy cams you bought of ebay (especially the motion detection ones) and place them in strategic places in her room. If she catches you in her room just tell her “I wanted to see one last time where we had some of the best times in our relationship so I can keep it in my memory forever.” Step it up a notch and cry just a little, if you can shed a tear you will definitely be home free.

If ever you get caught trying to get a hold of your ex-girlfriend’s sex tapes, don’t blame it on me. I’ve given you ideas and pointers to get you on your naughty way but I didn’t push you. If your too stupid to do it right or too macho to listen to advice then there is no one else to blame for your failure but yourself. Now if your too lazy to try any of it but you’re still into real ex-gf sex videos then you can simply visit this site or you can go fuck yourself with a sock, either or the job will get done anyways isn’t it always just about pleasing oneself?

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