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Asian pornstars are the wildest. Who doesn’t enjoy watching them be so full of energy in any kind of scenario that’s given to them?

Fapnation surely adores this kind of action. There’s a certain appeal to Asian pornstars that their exotic looks happen to stand out over other races in their own unique way.

All races should be treated equal but we are here to talk about what makes Asians unique. It may be the silky skin for starters but the hardcore Asian porn fans want to see such strong faces be submissive.

That’s why we put together the best Asian pornstars in the XXX industry. Adult entertainment surely wouldn’t be the same without these exotic beauties.

Asa Akira

For some reason, Asa Akira tops most lists of hot Asian pornstars. There’s a reason this Japanese sensation is so popular.

A multi-awarded pornstar with close to a thousand XXX films, Asa was the 2013 AVN Female Performer of the Year. She’s the second Asian woman to win such award. Mentioning all her awards might take you forever to read and just skip the others.

Her proficiency in her craft comes from her life before porn as a stripper. She’s also a dominatrix in bed, which makes it all the more hotter whenever she submits.

Asa defines versatility with her double penetration and lesbian scenes selling as much as the normal sex videos she does.

Wait.. should we even call what Asa does “normal?”

Jade Kush

Jade is a name you’ll obviously associate with China. Add Kush and the last name becomes synonymus with a certain American bush.

She still classifies as an Asian pornstar though, She only grew up in America but her head-to-toe beauty is on the Asian side.

This petite Asian has good boobs for her race. That bouncy ass looks like she’s been working on it to get her better gigs.

Jade Kush’s favorite position is obviously doggie style with a butt like that. She’s not aftaid to do the nasty either.

This hottie may look taller in her photoshoots but mind you, she’s only 5-foot-1.

Mika Tan

Mika Tan might remind you of a Chinese Snooki. This curvy and scrumptious pornstar is the definition of meatball if they were put in noodle soups.

Her best years may have been back when she won two awards in 2007. One of those awarsa was for Underrated Starlet of the Year which actually boosted her cred as a pornstar.

It’s probably also the reason why she’s better known already before you even watched your first video of her.

Marika Hase

Marika Hase is the first mom you’d like to fuck on this list. Well, at least the before the others started playing MILF roles.

This Japanese pornstar has already been known as the “Asian MILF” ever since she entered the the adult entertainment industry.

Us wanting to fuck moms has been her calling card for projects ever since. Too bad it was a male pornstar she got to fuck in those roles.

Harriet Sugarcookie

Such a sweet sweet name Harriet Sugarcookie has. You wouldn’t even think she’s Asian if you’re just hearing her name. You have to see this sweetheart for yourself.

Harriet is a dancer and she likes to express it by showing off her hot body. You’ll think of her more as a gamer girl than an actual pornstar when she isn’t flashing her boobs.

In fact, she won the 2017 XBIZ award for Best Web Star of the Year. That’s how much she’s taken over the virtrual side of things.

At least she’s got hundreds of adult flicks we can enjoy before she thinks of other sexy pursuits.

Kendra Spade

Not sure why the sexy hot Asian pornstars are always only of descent but this AmerAsian lady is a good cross.

Kendra Spade has benefited from the Caucasian side as her big boobs got the memo. Imagine that jiggle as you imagine yourself riding her motorboat.

That’s what gives flavor to her flicks is her willingness to submit. Choke her, spank her, pull her hair while you make out with her and she obliges.

But of course, you’re just watching so the drools are enough for us to crave for more.

Brenna Sparks

Brenna Sparks pornstar

Brenna Sparks looks like an A-lister in Hong Kong but is probably more popular as a porn star above Hollywood.

Not sure what she’s going for whenever she uses sugar in her pussy but it seems like it’s what gets people to watch her. That’s why her last name is Sparks.

She is a stereotype Asian in America with her exotic beauty and audacious tattoos. Imagine kissing her shoulders to her fingertips on her inked side.

Ayumu Kase

Ayumu Kase is the type of woman you’ll ask to wear colored wigs like Sailormoon. That’s because this MILF has a Japanese face that suits such role.

Well, she’s pure Japanese which explains how good she is despite being fairly new in the game. Watching her close her eyes in moaning will surely get you extremely turned on.

Jayden Lee

Jayden Lee needs no introduction. An Asian with double D boobs and good symmetrical curves are her calling card.

It seems like she got all the good assets of her four ethnicities. She’s Korean, Vietnamese, French, and Guatemalan.

We bet she could have looked better had she had African too!

Miko Sinz

This woman can pass as the real-life wife of Johnny Sins. Too bad the last letter of her last name is different.

Miko Sinz  has a cute little asshole that would look cuter if Mr. Sins pounds it himself. Her pussy is seemingly always tight that we know she’s fairly new in the industry.

Maybe it’s Johnny Sins that devirginized her. Just kidding. We can’t help but reference the legend. She might have been accustomed to teen sex like Mr. Johnny.

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