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How hot are blonde pornstars? Well, obviously the hair color has become a stereotype for beauty. So much so that people of deferent ethnicities try it out once in their lives.

Being blonde isn’t the only thing good about these women. It just so happened that they all have the same biological curse of having blank-colored follicles.

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Let’s start cutting to the chase and talk about the Hottest Blonde Pornstars of All Time. Enjoy!

Cherie Deville

First look at Cherie Devile and you’ll see that she’s one naughty blondie. There’s no question about that. Why is she in porn in the first place, right?

Don’t let the celestial face fool you. She’s slutty as fuck and isn’t keeping it a secret. She’s going to make you cream your pants without even trying.

Cherie has built her own army of fans that continues to expand to this day. Who can blame her if she blows with such intensity. She’s one of the best to give head in the industry. She makes a specialty seem like something normal to her.

You would definitely want to spank that round ass when she gives you the pretty look. That’s why guys line up in front of her.

Seven years, more than a thousand porn sex scenes, and hundreds of award nominations later, Cherie defines the term “pornstar hustle.”

Alexa Grace

Alexa Grace

Alexa Will surely make you fall under her spell once she catches you staring. Good thing a screen separates you and her.

Wait until you see how she sucks cock and you’re going to be wowed with how smooth she lollipops it. If only Hollywood will recognize her face, she’d probably star as one of those girls that titty flash on love flicks.

She can teach you how to doggy just by fucking her male co-star. Of course you have to warm her up with some tit play, and mild spanking like any other blondie.

Another thing you’ll find attractive is her pinky-white cunt. It’s looked that fresh since she debuted in 2014. Six years and hundreds of porn scenes later, Alexa Grace is still has a fresh-looking cunt.

Piper Perri

Piper Perri

Is it just us or does Piper Perri look like she doesn’t age? Regardless, her entire looks is so jaw-dropping to the point that we wish she wouldn’t age one bit ever.

She looks like a virgin and moans like one too. You’ll see the passion in her when she gets fucked til kingdom come.

What gets guys so turned on is her seemingly innocent smile. You’ll think she’s such a nice and sweet girl until things get wild.

Piper is someone you’d love to get wet because she looks like she’s always got some pent up sexual energy. Imagine such a petite girl who can handle threesomes where all her holes get fucked?

Mind you, Piper’s mouth can handle the biggest and fattest of dicks. Her face looks like it always gets moisturized with cum. Well, it does.

Piper Perri is a premium porn level star. Well, all others on this list are. It’s just that we’re definitely going to see her longer in the business than the rest.

Britney Amber

First look at Britney Amber and you know she always gets wasted in bed. Her face screams nymphomaniac out loud.

The industry needs someone like Britney Amber. One that can be like a daughter of a magnate but wild behind closed doors. Someone who’s ready to be kinky when the scene calls for it.

Just by first glance you will see how erotuc Britney can be. She’s done it with the top half of the western hemisphere. That face also speaks not hesitating to do it with a girl too. Don’t all blondes secretly have that?

Britney has gone a long way 12 years into the industry. Time has honed her to become one of the busiest blondes in the business with close to a thousand porn scenes already.

Jessa Rhodes

Jessa Rhodes looks like that country girl that couldn’t escape the Hollywood glam. She kind of reminds us of Lana Kinnear’s wrestling gimmick.

The comparison is almost even. Blonde hair, a smoking hot bod capable of some limo banging, and the seductive-looking eyes.

Some might consider Jessa one of porn’s blonde goddesses. She’s got the boobs and the curves to live up to it. It’s tone comes from the calories she burns from loads of fucking.

You already know that a pussy like Jessa’s gets fucked a lot. Imagine the stories of what her butt takes?

Nicole Aniston

Not sure how but somehow Nicole Aniston has a semblance to Jennifer Aniston just because the last name preconditions us psychologically.

You’ll want to be her friend with benefits that will always be there for you after her shift at the café. Her little cake slice tastes like heaven especially with all the preconditioning of the Aniston last name.

Nicole has also built an army of loyal followers who praise everything about her from her lips, curves, all the way to how she performes in her videos. The things is, she isn’t afraid to be a badass too!

She likes giving a lot which is why it’s okay with her to submit to someone’s will. You can ask her to suck a fat dick or lick another girl’s pussy and she won’t complain.

You can already expect her to be good with both guys and girls.

Blair Williams

First thing we thought of Blair Williams is she’s a corporate worker that just does porn as a hobby. She looks like a serious woman until she starts acting horny in front of a cock.

She’s like the boss that goes to the restroom or locks her office door just to sneak in and have sex with a guy. You’ll want to always work overtime with this officemate.

It’s Blair’s passion for dick that made her a thing in the adult entertainment industry. She hasn’t spent a long time in porn compared to others on this list but has been nominated for multiple awards.

She started winning her major accolades in 2018 and 2019. Imagine what this year will have in store for Blair.

Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova looks more like a sports or lifestyle magazine model than a pornstar. Consider yourself lucky that she’s willing to show more skin than the magazines that sell through the tease of sex but never deliver.

It’s a typical Hollywood story for Mia who used to wait tables until somebody took a chance on her. Unfortunately, it’s on the upper side of California that came calling.

She’s become one of the hottest pornstars of 2020 especially after winning multiple awards in the adult films she starred in. Just watch her in “God, Sex, and Truth” and you’ll know what we mean.

She even has a Twitch channel which you can check out.

Brandi Love

Brandy looks like she’s done this for a long time already. Well, she actually has. This seasoned woman’s biggest assets are literally big: her boobs!

Got some fetishes? Brandi may have done them already. You know that these types of women want the younger boys. Maybe girls as well.

With her experience, you can bet that she’s already taken the biggest black cocks in the business and had her tongue in some small hot fleshy teaspoon of white mens.

Want to see Brandi get more spontaneous? She’s on CamSoda. Just search for her name.

Blonde Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean is that innocent face that will get you frozen in awe. This midwestern girl has some next-door features that you’ll dream of scoring on her sometime.

She’s actually had life planned out as she went to college before realizing how good she looked and deciding that being a cam girl will be more profitable. Well, it’s true since the following she gained since joining the industry will earn her enough clout for some passive revenue streams.

The big dogs in the adult entertainment industry surely had something to do with this. Whoever saw the potential of a petite girl being pounded by the biggest cocks in the business should be thanked.

She’s also been a Playboy playmate for a time in her career too. We’re not going to see this blonde pornstar turn MILF anytime soon.

At least these MILF porn videos will show you who already are.

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