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Don’t be overwhelmed with rejection fears the next time you approach a woman. There are tried and tested techniques you can use to avoid rejection when it comes to the ladies. Whether you’re psyching yourself up to ask for a phone number or making your way through that very first date, there are ways you can avoid rejection and increase your chances in dating success.

Stop those annoying habits.

Spanning the range from rude jokes and picking your nose to less obvious things like clearing your throat all the time, those little annoying habits can slam the door in your face when it comes to picking up women. One of the best ways to identify any annoying habits you may have missed is by asking your friends. If they’re anything like mine, they’ll be MORE than honest with you!

Sort out your body language.

The way you hold yourself is a key indicator to ladies of how you think of yourself. Confidence is sexy, but your hunched over shoulders and dragging walk won’t help the cause. Speak up when you engage in conversation, look at her when you’re talking, and don’t shuffle back and forth. I knew a guy who mumbled all the time, but as soon as he got the confidence to start speaking clearer to women, his rejections started to disappear.

Be direct, but not too pushy.

This can be a tough balance to strike for a lot of guys. You want to be sure that your potential date knows what you’re after, but you don’t want to come across too cocky. Overstepping the line will definitely lead to rejections! If you’re asking probing questions, leave time for a reply. Encourage her to come with you for a quite drink – don’t demand it (no matter how much you think the “asshole guy” always gets the girl). This doesn’t mean go all limp and wishy washy, either. Strike that confidence factor I discussed before.

Time it right.

Seriously – timing is everything with some women. Don’t start your pursuit the day after she’s broken up with her boyfriend. Give it at least a few weeks, if not a month. Timing just isn’t about breakups, either. Crazy times at work, rough patches with the family, or just a huge fight with her best friend can lead to a rejection that wouldn’t happen if it cropped up later.

Avoid women in relationships.

This should be obvious, correct? No matter how much she complains about her husband’s bad habits or how much she goes on about how her boyfriend doesn’t pay attention to her – leave ladies who are involved alone! This is just rejection waiting to happen, no matter what kind of clues are getting dropped. Unless she’s in an open relationship, or has actually left the person she’s not happy with, safe your attempts on her for another day.

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