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Even when the first date is over and done with, there are still a few more date ahead before you really get ‘settled’ into a relationship. Don’t drop the ball and find yourself struggling to score date numbers two and three. Here are seven easy ways to impress any woman, from the very first time you meet all the way through to your fiftieth wedding anniversary!

1. Look at her face. Not her chest or her legs or any other part of her body that will lead her to believe you’re just interested in getting a piece of ass. How weird would it be for her to catch you checking out her rack when she’s talking about her new puppy?

2. Put down your cell phone. This is a tough one for a lot of guys, especially those who are used to picking up their cells as soon as that little bleep comes through. If you really want to show your date that she’s the most important thing going on right now, ignore the texts, tweets, kiks, or any other social notification that comes through. If it’s a call, check the name. Unless it’s your Mom – put it back down.

3. Be clean. This is a no-brainer, fells. Dates aren’t a place that you go to right after the gym. Be sure you’ve taken the time to shower and shave (or at least trim), get on a fresh pair of clothes and make sure your shoes don’t look like they’ve been with you since high school.

4. Ask her questions. Conversations are two sided. If you find your lady is a little on the shy side, don’t be afraid to engage her with questions. Talking about concrete things like her favorite movie or where was her last vacation will probably make her feel a bit more comfortable that chat on politics, religion or children. (Which – in all honestly – really isn’t good first-date chatter anyway!)

5. Go old school. Open doors for her when you’re entering and leaving buildings. Get out to the curb and hail that cab. Help her put on her coat. There’s a reason why those smooth guys from the movies always get the lady – that’s because they treat them like one!

6. Chat with her friends. This one can be a bit more complex than you think. Ladies will eventually get to a point where they’ll want their friends to check you out for themselves. Take this opportunity to have friendly conversations with your new girl’s friends. Don’t go overboard, though. Flirting with her best friend probably isn’t the best plan of action!

7. Compliment her. Without sounding too cheesy, giving her a compliment or two will go a long way. You can take the easy route and stick with clothes, smell, or hair style. You could also dig a bit deeper and let her know how you love the ‘fun vibe’ that she gives off or you find her sense of humor as dark as your own!

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