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Today we will teach you how to Sext with Hot Girls. You can sext with girls and get to turn them horny or make a fool of youself. Everybody tries it, but only a few can say they sext to later have sex.

Tips to Sext with hot girls and fuck like a Champ!

Short messages to start

Short texts and descriptions. Keep simple. If you elaborate too much, the girl will get bored and would feel she is reading a story. By shortening text I mean, just a few words, but NEVER shorten words: “R U Horny?” does not work unless you are not old enough to read this blog. Oh and spell check your sexting mesages. Hot girls don’t wanna go sexting with illiterates, unless you look like Bradley Cooper.

Remember you text a human not a sex machine

As horny as you may be and your coounterpart would seem to be, be respectful. You try to sext with hot girls, not ordering a pizza. There might be other guys who sext with the same hot girl. She will choose to go further with whoever is more interesting and makes a connection with her. They are hot girls. They can look slutty, but to learn How to Sext with Hot Girls you have to be respectful without being too formal. Pretend to be hot, without being a prick.

Don’t send you cock unless previously required

Hot girls don’t need to see cocks to decide if they wanna sext. While some hot girls are attracted to large shafts, sending your cock as an introductory message is not arousing at all.

Build momentum

After starting with a tease and an interesting text, she will reply back. Don’t jump to the “Rub your clit and finger your pussy” yet. Make her feel her hard nipples and get wet. She has to feel anxiety about your next text, wondering about what naughty message she will see. Sexting with hot girls is like sex. You need to warm her up -without taking too long- to make her jump into your virtual cock.

I hope this has helped you a bit. Let me know how it helped and if you wanna add something to this. Snapchat has became the top choice for sexting. How to find some hot profiles to check out and learn how to sext with hot girls?
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Find Snapchat profiles and apply your How to Sext techniques!

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