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If I had the choice, I would always be naked. Does that make me a nudist? If so is this wrong? One of my favorite things in the world is to sleep naked. I love the feel of my satin sheets on my soft naked skin. I would love to be able to get naked just about everywhere, ok maybe not the grocery store but many other fabulous places.

I discovered this about myself a long time ago; it made me feel different and didn’t really want to share this feeling with anyone. I felt this way until I met some nudists who changed my life forever. I finally felt great and embraced this feeling instead of pushing it away. I had never realized there where so many people who felt the same way as I did with their body and just wanted to feel free! If you had the choice of wearing clothes or wearing nothing but your mustache which would you choose? Are you a nudist? Have you ever wanted to be one? Or just wanted to try it out by curiosity?

A nudist is a person who prefers to be naked if at all possible. Naturism or nudism is a lifestyle. It is a cultural movement defending the right to be naked in private and public. If you want to be a nudist just to look at sexy girls like me then you are not a nudist, you are just a pervert. If your a pervert like the rest of us then visit this instead! Exhibitionists and swingers are not nudists. Nudists believe in the respect of the human body. They believe in returning to nature and by doing this they create equality between each other. When everyone is naked then everyone is one is at the same level and it therefore reduces social barriers. No one is better than another. Everyone is equal! Bathing in the sun and water is a healthy treatment for your skin and body (balneotherapy, thalassotherapy, heliotherapy). A nudist wants to understand different cultures while camping to stay close to the earth. A nudist believes that by wearing no cloths there is therefore les cloths to manufacture which means lower carbon footprints thus less pollution. The naturist philosophy is now a worldwide concept but is mostly noticeable in the Caribbean because of their incredible amount of nudist beaches. Many countries have adapted different activities such as Nude New Year’s Eve Party, Solstice Cyclists, World Naked Bike Ride, and many more for the nudist organisations worldwide.

#1 Nudist Beach
#2 Nudist Campgrounds
#3 Nudist Clubs
#4 Nudist Vacation resorts
#5 Nudist activities

#1 Exhibitionists and voyeurs – They are not welcome in the nudist community.
#2 Infiltrations by other groups – Most clubs apply a no singles rule to maintain the family nature of the club. There are many other groups who practice non-family nudism such as singles, gay naturists or swingers.
#3 Naturist club isolation – These established clubs exclude new members as well as new ideas.
These problems may cause prejudice towards the real nudist community.
Being a nudist is not for everybody. The concept is still very attractive to me but Im probably not be a real nudist because Im a show off kinda girl and i am way to naughty to be a nudist! Want proof?
If you feel free when naked and you would like to share this feeling with others who feel the same way, you can contact your nearest nudist club or organisation and they will be happy to answer any and all of your questions. Nudism is a way of life, will you change yours?
You can also visit these websites for more information on nudism :

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