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The sexy Krystal Banks is on some sort of inception here as she films herself while she’s filming herself masturbating. 

What does this mean? Krystal here seems to be streaming her live cam or maybe on a cybersex session with her boyfriend and she decided it was cool to have another camera other than her laptop.

Those who love voyeurism would definitely appreciate this because it’s close to watching two people have sex anyway. That said, here’s Krystal who masturbates in front of her webcam.

She obviously needs to fulfill herself too which led to her masturbating. Only a hypocrite will say they don’t do so.

What makes this one special is that Krystal does it on a webcam. While we’re not sure who’s on the other end, the important thing is we got a closer and more lively look on how she plays with her pussy!

She was just priming it at first before she went hard on it. Off goes the clothes and in comes the sex toys. Minimal effort, maximum pleasure!

Now you have an answer on who uses a dildo and a vibrator simultaneously.

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