The Panty fetish is a very common fetish. I think it has got to be because it’s the most intimate part of a woman’s wardrobe. It’s the only piece of material that literally slides and caresses the pussy all day long… unless your going commando of course.

Having a woman’s panty is like having and owning a piece of her because you know where they’ve been and where they are going. To smell them is another thing but I get it, it’s the smell of sex, the smell of hot pussy juices and sometimes cum that make it all so arousing. There is nothing better to remember last nights debaucheries than a pair of used panties. Just slip them in your pocket and go. Automatic arousal every time!

Today’s panty fetish special is Lace Panties. Are you into lace panties or do you prefer the traditional cotton panties? What ever your choice of panties here are 20 sexy lace panties for you to choose from. Comment  below and VOTE for your favorite lace panties!

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