Lisa Ann was in porn for many years, but her claim to fame came when she starred in the porn parody “Who’s Nailin’ Palin?”. On screen pornstar Lisa Ann was an avid cock-sucker; however, off screen she is an avid basketball fan and a very mature -no pun internded- lady. As a fan she witnessed how some NBA players were hustled by lady fans who used them just as an easy way to make some easy bucks.Twenty years ago, the now retired pornstar decided to do something most would have not expect: She reached out the players to help them avoid scams and stay away from situations that would put them in emotional and financial risk.

Lisa Ann points out that nowadays the NBA players are on average 25 years old boys whose salaries average $4.5 million dollars. “What were you doing at that age?”- Lisa Ann asks. According to her, boys that age are not ready to bear that responsibility. As a consequence of that, most of them end up spending money on partying and women. There is when problem start. Women see loaded guys who just want to spend money and label them as easy targets to use them as ATM machines.

According to pornstar Lisa Ann herself


To make things worse, many of those spenders are married players who would pay whatever they are ask for to keep the dirty secrets low and avoid scandals. Lisa Ann believes that at least 25% of the NBA players have been blackmailed as a result of crossing paths with girls who want to take advantage from them.

What does Lisa Ann suggests to the NBA players to save them from potential scams

1.No New Friends: most new friends would want to take advantage of their fame and wallets.

2.Flush your condoms: When the guys do not have their owns, some girls poke small holes in the condoms the ladies bring. A future baby is a big fat paycheck.

3.Use the Hotel Safe: Lock everything. Do not leave any robbery or scam possibility open.

4.Hotel > Your House: A safer place. You don’t expose your belongings. Keep your address private.

5.Avoid Peer Pressure: It is the harder one, but it is better to think with the head rather than with the dick. Others suggesting risky behaviours may be an indication that those peers are not really your friends.

Lissa Ann makes very good points. We think that while these tips should become the NBA players -and celebrities- 5 Commdandments they can also apply to any loaded guy or who shows off fancy clothes, cars or any other belonging.

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