I keep putting up all these hot and sexy girls from all over the planet on all my blogs and I sometimes forget to put up my own pictures. I know I am no where near as gorgeous as all the porn stars and webcam models I share but I think I’m not too bad! I especially like this set of pictures that I am sharing today. Lighting is perfect and my body looks super sexy don’t you think?

I first did these pictures for an ex boyfriend of mine and sent them to him. A few weeks later I realized that he was a total jerk and had shown my pics to all his guy friends. What an asshole, those were for his eyes only. After throwing a fit and kicking him out with all his belongings, he extended my pictures to social networks and the of course the logical continuity of these acts was realgfsexposed. His stupidity and actions destroyed me at first but I realized the power my body held over men and decided to make a career out of it. So realgfsexposed and Dapink contacted me and so did a few other websites and off to glory I was!

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