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A few days ago a political survey, but this one was just no another survey made by CNN, Fox or a newspaper, it was Pornhub presidential election survey. While you may think that it was no a serious survey or it was focused on if we believe that Donald Trump has a big dick as he claims he has, it was actually a pretty good survey. Not only that, but it was the most complete and representative. It gathered the 371,000 fans who shared their voting intentions and how they view each presidential candidate.

In a nutshell, Bernie Sanders is the most favored by the poll results. However, Donald Trump polls really show that he is supported for a vast majority and is by far the top contestant in the Republican race.

The USA presidential election is still far from over. We are sure more information will come out and some sex scandals or pornstars will jump on thew wand bagon of some political candidates. I know some mainstream celebrities have already jumped. Katy Perry is an example, she and her big boobs were jumping around on HIllary’s campaign meeting. Bill Clinton’s face was priceless!!!

For the Donal Trump lovers and haters, here a Donald Trump screenshot from an XXX parody

In a nutshell this is the result of the Pornhub Presidential election survey!

If you are tired of politics and just want to keep your hand busy, check out another Trump that does porn. No, not Ivanka, This pornstar is Teanna Trump.


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