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What is it about redhead self shots that drives us all crazy? Why is it every time we see a gorgeous redhead we wonder if the whole package is red…you know what I mean? There is something magical about all those cute little freckles that cover their whole body all the way down to the tippy toes! I know redheads aren’t for everyone but I’m definitely a part of the redhead fan club

I personally think they are just incredible in every way. They are different, natural, gorgeous and most of all unique. You don’t get to see many redheads in porn or adult pictures so when you do stumble upon a hot video or picture it seems to captivate and attract a little more attention than others would. Wikipedia says that approximately 1-2 % of the population is born with red hair which means that the chances of a porno with a redhead are quite slim. Thank goodness that even in an outnumbered society, some redheads feel the need to snap naked self shots of themselves so that I (and the whole planet) can satisfy my greedy ginger needs!.


I’ve personally tried to become a strawberry blond ( yeah I know a fake redhead is nowhere near the real deal ) but turns out that the color just looks terrible on me and since everyone knew I was just a fake I gave up and left it to the real fire head girls. I couldn’t even get a date, how bad do you think it looked? Anyways they are way better at it than I am.


My favorite, beyond anything else is the ginger girls with blue eyes. They are just too beautiful to be true. I just can’t keep my eyes off of them, they are mesmerizing and they definitely know it. I could just masturbate to them over and over again. I willing to bet I am not the only one with these naughty thoughts when looking at them. I’ve seen whole blogs and websites dedicated to their gorgeousness.


As you already know if you are here on my awesome blog, I love self shots. I’ve collected throughout the years many hot redhead self shots that I am now sharing with you. Ok I know that they aren’t all I Phone self shots but nevertheless they are very worthy of my self-shot blog. This post is dedicated to all you redhead self shot fans like me who just can’t get enough of those cute little freckles and amazing fiery hair!

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