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Redhead babes are usually known for being passionate, fiery, and who really speak their minds. Some people even say they’re go-getters and hard-headed people — in a good way, of course. 

So, it’s no surprise they’re making a name for themselves in the adult industry. In fact, some of them got thousands of followers on their social media accounts and have a huge fan base. 

Recently, I learned about an exquisite and gorgeous redhead who goes by the alias Sabina Rouge. She looks really special so I didn’t miss the chance to check her out. And man, I’ve no regrets. 

Because of her hair color, it looks like her eyes stand out, plus her skin is looking translucent. So all in all, her face is looking radiant. 

I heard there’s only 1 or 2% of gingers all over the world which means we’re really lucky that a beauty like Sabina is gracing our screens with her presence.

Sabina Rouge Bio

Well, of course, you must know her basic deets first before we dig deeper into her life story. Here you go…

  • Born: August 16
  • Birthplace: Haddonfield, New Jersey
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Height: 5’4” or 1.63 cm
  • Measurements: 34-25-32
  • Cup Size: C

A Luscious Hippie

Our goddess hails from New Jersey. But according to her, she’s of Italian, French, and English descent. 

When she was younger, she discovered her passion for music. In fact, she was a huge fan of Pink Floyd. 

In one of her interviews, she revealed she grew up with no radio or TV not because they can’t afford it, but because grandma doesn’t permit those stuff inside their home. It seemed like she wanted Sabina to have an uncorrupted mind. 

So instead of binge-watching TV shows or listening to the radio as any normal girl would, she would be reading books or playing vinyl records. 

And when she turned 6, that’s when her hippie grandma introduced her to Pink Floyd. Sabina immediately liked the music and from then on, she was an avid fan. 

When she was older, her passion for music didn’t fade. While she was in college taking up Neuroscience, she was working as a part-time vocal coach. 

She did traditional and online classes. For the latter, she usually uses Skype to communicate with her clients or students and they pay her $35 per hour which is pretty cheap compared to other voice lessons. 

Sabina’s adult filming career

Sabina officially entered the porn biz in April 2018. But before that, she worked as a camgirl first. 

Perhaps you’re wondering how she got into camming. Well, one of her hippie friends was a camgirl and our Aphrodite was always curious where she’s getting all her money. That’s when her friend shared about the nature of her job. 

So, to make the long story short, Sabina was interested and she tried it herself. 

The excitement got on her and eventually, she became a full-blown pornstar. 

Here’s my final say

If you got the hots for redheads, then Sabina can be the perfect bombshell for you. She’s gonna make you crazy — and hard!

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