A 16-year-old russian teen boy by the name of Ruslan Schredin  wins 1-month hotel stay with porn star with a Russian pornstar. The lucky schoolboy won such award after becoming the 100,000th visitor of a website. The prize is no other than pornstar Macy Ssens, whos has been doing porn for the last three years. Macy Ssens, real name Ekaterina Makarova, has acted in dozens of porn flicks also under the names: Ekaterina, Iren, Irena, Irena M, Irene, Jane, Janna, Kate, Katharine B, Kati, Mercy, Nata, Sarah, Scarlett, Slave Kk, Ssens, Ursula, Walda and Macy Nata.

Such original prize. He is excited to meet Macy Ssens -Ekaterina Makarova-; however, has found difficulties  to “claim his prize” as her mother and sister are vocally against him taking the price and spending a month with a pornstar. The female of the Schredin family state that our “winner” has to go to school and take exams and not fo to a hotel for 30 days with a prostitute. The mom prefers to receive the prize in cash -$1,300 aprox.-. However, Ruslan wants to claim his prize and become the hero.

Macy Ssens has said that she is ok with the idea of having sex with the sixteen years-old kid, The legal age of consent is 16 in Russia, so everything that happens behind walls between Ruslan and Ekaterina aka Macy Ssens is legal. We may not see an Ekaterina Makarova video of the encounter, but we can enjoy plenty of her previous work!

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The young kid-whose photo will not eb presented on this site- looks younger than 16, which if confirmed, will rule him out of the contest allowing the organizers to give the prize to somebody else.

We will keep you posted on the outcome of this news. I am sure Ruslan is already getting ready for 30 days with his own personal pornstar. And Ekaterina Makarova has no issue with taking the boys virginity.

As you can see, anybody would like to spend at least one day with Macy Ssens. One of her best por scenes was for Reality Kings.

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As you can see Macy Ssens does not shy away from any dick!macy ssens porn

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