My secret to having best webcam shows ever!

It’s not easy to get a webcam girl to orgasm. Most of the time all you want to do is make yourself cum and then your done. But did you know that a cam girl can orgasm too? Have you given a thought to the fact that if you do make her cum, your show will be that much better? Imagine an aroused cam girl… wouldn’t you think she could give you a better show?

If you want the hottest webcam show of your life then this is definitely the way to go. You have to understand that while some models really do this for fun and because they are super horny (like me) some also do it for the money. Either way, if you do or say the right thing to a model to get her going and excited the show will be a hundred times better.

I for one am the horny type. When in a relationship I like to have sex more than once a day (maybe i’m a nympho but I like it!) . So when I get on my webcam I’m just waiting for someone to give it to me. I’ll always give a great show no matter what, but if you want an awesome, incredible amazing, never-forget show then you’ll have to work a little bit for it.


Every girl is different. While some girls might get turned on by dirty talk, then others might get turned off by it. Some might like to see you and your body, while some would rather not do cam to cam and keep the mystery alive. Some girls will like to be complimented some will like to be intimidated and ridiculed. Some like to femdom some hate it. You get the picture? So every girl is different and has her own particular turn-on’s and off’s. If they are not written in her profile you can simply ask her what they are and play with those. For example if a girl tells you her turn on is dirty talk ( like this girl )  then do not waste your time trying to be nice and sweet. She wants to hear it, give it to her! You will see her get aroused and if you keep going you never know what will happen. If she gets fired up with toys then ask her to take them out. You get my drift? What she wants is what will make the difference. This is why choosing the right model for you is important.


I’ve written about this in another article you can find on one of my amazing sexy blogs 🙂 Why its important? Its essential because you need to find a girl with the same interests as you and the same turn ons, or else she will be having a blast and you will be limp and UN-excited. The choice of the model is one of the first steps. There are so many to choose from, do not stop at the first one!! Make sure you find the right one for you and it will make the whole experience better! So don’t hesitate grab your webcam and have the best webcam shows of your life!!

Now a little about me Kelly Love. Well I’m a sweet kinda girl, webcam model by night and superhero by day!  I don’t like trash talk but I do love role playing 🙂 I’ve been a webcam model on live free fun for a while now and have been loving it! Some of my friends prefer Adultcamfriends but I’ve never been disappointed in Livefreefun so there I am! I also have a few Kinky attributes you might be all interested in. I’m into Gadgets, Smoking, Anal Penetration, Lingerie, Voyeur, Uniforms and Masks. If these things turn you on then I’m the right girl for you!!
MY TURN ON’S: Being relaxed when around me and showing your real self, no faking it and being okay with me being shy at first
MY TURN OFFS: people who are rude/ lack of manners, and cuss words/swear all the time- it shows ignorance and they’re not educated enough to explain themselves any other way. 

Well that’s it for now. I hope i answered my tumblr fan’s question properly. I will probably write an article about turn on’s and turn offs because I’ve seen so many different and sometimes strange ones that i think its worth checking out! 
If by reading this article you think i might be your type of girl, please don’t hesitate to cum and chat with me live on my live free fun profile 🙂 

Dont forget, a happy webcam girl is a good webcam girl and if you give it to her she will definitely give it back! Stay cool people and be sexy!!
Sex you later !