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General characteristics

Properly speaking, Sexy.com is not really a cam site but a dating site that’s dedicated to help people in search of casual encounters and no-string-attached sex find desirable matches within a short distance of their home. However, as it offers its members an in-house cam to cam system that allows them intimate virtual contact without having to divulge any personal information, we considered that it could well be classified as one of the good options for cam sex.
Indeed, among its hundreds of thousands horny members from both sexes, a lot of them resort to webcam sex when they don’t have the time to set-up a date or think that the most desirable match is a bit too far away geographically. The site is not tailored for the romantic but for the lustful and, actually, a good number of the female members have a quite exhibitionist streak and enjoy cam to cam sex when an actual date can’t be set-up.
Thanks to it’s clearly stated purpose and design, Sexy.com appeals to people who are by nature very open-minded and highly-sexed gals and guys. All of them became members because they are regularly looking for exciting new casual encounters. They are not looking for romance, they are looking for mutual sexual satisfaction and lots of them have discovered, through the in-house system, that casual and anonymous webcam sex can be as fulfilling as the real thing. Whenever you log-in Sexy.com, you are sure you’ll see plenty of hot ladies in search of sensations and have plenty of opportunities to induce one to strip and play on cam with you.

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Attractive Features

Not only Sexy.com can bring you some pretty hot dates reasonably close to your home but, if you widen your search geographically, you’ll obtain a lot of possibilities to contact sexy gals who, although too far away for a date, will be thrilled to have on cam sex with you if you have the knack to turn them on. Sexy.com can offer you such a wide choice of hot lady because it isn’t a dating site in itself – it’s a doorway to a whole collection of sites through which it sifts, according to your preferences, to provide you with what you’re really looking for.
As Sexy.com is a portal to the best sites that are dedicated to live sexual entertainment around the world. Its sophisticated software analyzes your answers to a series of questions about age, sex, preferences, safe sex practices, and geographical location to determines which site will best fulfill your needs. The sites proposed by Sexy.com have all been thoroughly checked by state-of the art detecting technology and are certified virus-free. Their commercial standards and privacy policies also meet Sexy.com’s strict requirements.
Although the basic free membership doesn’t provide for much interaction, it gives you an excellent opportunity to tour the site thoroughly, see all the exciting possibilities and exchange some messages. The real on cam action starts with a Premium membership and if the price varies from one referred site to the other, they are all very reasonable. For less than the cost of a few drinks in a Singles’ bar you obtain a whole month of potential hot dates and cam sex partners.


The main advantage of Sexy.com is that it takes out the hassle of sifting through pages of Google results in a blind search for the site that will fulfill your needs. Not only does it save you time, it also saves you from joining a site that will disappoint you. Sexy.com checked all the dating sites offering cam to cam action but established partnerships only with the ones that fulfilled their promises, had the largest memberships and met its exacting standards.
Sexy.com’s page is easy to load and works very well, even on tablets. The questions are simple and straightforward, so, it’s a no-brainer and fast to get through in a jiffy. Another real advantage is that partner sites cover the whole world and the service is available in over a dozen languages.

Cost of features

Using Sexy.com is completely free of charge. There’s no required personal information, no trial payment and no credit card needed. Nearly all the sites you’ll be redirected to offer a free basic membership that allows one to thoroughly check them before deciding to subscribe for a Premium membership.
Premium memberships, which allow unlimited cam to cam interaction and multiple opportunities for webcam sex, are offered for monthly fees that vary between $20 and $50 US. Customer service is always excellent and you can easily cancel your membership whenever you feel you’ve had too much sex.


Since Sexy.com’s partner sites are more oriented towards dating and the people looking for casual and anonymous sex instead of being sites where the girls are strictly there for camming purposes, some of their female members might not be into webcam sex.
However, women registering on such sites are generally quite lustful and most of them are not adverse to some naughty fun on their webcam. The good thing is that Sexy.com’s partner sites all have an abundance of hot gals and it never takes much time to find one who will enjoy cam sex.


While not being specifically cam sites but more dedicated to dating and casual  encounters in real life, Sexy.com’s partner sites are full of women who might prefer, on a lazy night, to stay in front of their webcam and have exciting virtual sex through a cam to cam encounter with a guy who turns them on. And the added advantage to regular cam sites is that it may also lead to actual fucking in real life.
We thus consider that Sexy.com can fulfill a double purpose by providing you with opportunities for real-life hot dates as well as for exciting cam to cam sex. All this for less than the cost of an outing in a Single’s bar and with a lot more chance of landing you sexual experiences for a whole month instead of a single night.

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