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MTV’s “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham is going to have some serious explaining to do. After the hit series “Teen Mom” and the release of her successful autobiography “My Teenage Dream Ended” by MTV Press, she has now moved on and is engaging in the wonderful world of porn, well not porn for say but more along the lines of official fake Farrah Abraham sex tape.

farrah abraham and james deen sex tape, funny joke

Granted she did have a horrific childhood and several teenage traumas but the fact is this girl is 15 minutes of fame seeker. She had it with “Teen Moms” then with her successful autobiography “My Teenage Dream Ended”, and then when people started losing interest in her she thought…maybe I should create a professional porn video and pretend its a leaked sex tape. Does she even realize most of her fans are teenagers? What a great example to give her daughter Sophia…when the going get’s tough, make a porno…

farrah abraham and james deen couple blow job

One could possibly believe all the hype over the officially leaked sex tape of Miss Farrah Abraham but after a few visits to porn sites you realize her face is pasted all over so many banners that it just becomes ridiculous to believe…and she thought she could play us like that. Nope, no playing with me, I’m a porn addict and I know everything there is to know about amateur porn. Plus I’d recognize that penis anywhere, that’s professional porno actor James Dean’s penis and there is no other one like it.

farrah abraham and james deen I did it

After realizing that her supposedly leaked celebrity sex tape not going to go down as such, Farrah Abraham thought fast and tried to sell the rights to it for 2 million. Well she didn’t get 2 million but 1.5 million for that naughty anal show now called “Backdoor Teen Mom”.

farrah abraham and james deen porno screen shots

I hate to admit it but I’ve seen it more than once and it kills me to say this but she looks absolutely stunning in her “Sex Tape”. She has a beautiful tight body, long luscious hair and a tight little twat and I’m wiling to bet millions of men are gonna imagine themselves getting a piece of that teenage mom pussy. Farrah Abrahams sex tape is now the talk of the porn industry as it hits big on several websites around the world and I’m sure that this one little video will give Miss Abraham what she desperately seeks, attention and love, but for how long… Maybe I should start thinking of calling up vivid videos and producing my own awesome fake sex tapes and get my own 15 minutes of fame and if the fame doesn’t come well at least I will have sucked James Deans big and juicy cock, that’s all a girl really wants right?

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