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Are you a fan of big tits? How about humongous boobs? Are they repulsive? Are they fascinating? Do mega boobs even exist or do they just jiggle in some idler’s secret fantasy?

If you have ever wondered about how huge the biggest boobs in the world might be. Or whether such a pair of blessed melons even exists on the blue planet, here’s your answer. Yes. And the huge hooters in question belong to the German adult model Mayra Hills. She is more popularly known as Beshine. Now, you may not find tits as big as BeShine in the big tits cam models, but you’d sure find someone with huge jugs.

Massive Melons

Beshine claims to be the world leader in terms of breast size and boob weight. In the lady’s own words, she holds the world record for the biggest boobs in the universe. She also adds that they are ever-growing. In order to achieve the humongous size, Beshine’s breasts are regularly injected with saline solution.

Ogling Obsession

Beshine is obsessed with her ever-growing boobs. The blue-eyed blonde babe treats her giant-tit fans regularly with intriguing photo-shoots. She is active on social media where she regularly posts stuff about her daily life besides the one thing that pleases her fans. She posts pictures of her big boobs. Sometimes she goes topless.

Top Tips

Women with big boobs can use a leaf out of her fashion diary. She says, “Tops must either be huge and wide or narrow and very elastic.”

Beshine also boasts of the largest custom-bra collection in the world. Thanks to her enormous rack, she has never been able to find the “right” size whenever she has stepped out to shop for them!

With boobs the size of beach balls — a whopping 32Z — it comes as no surprise that Beshine is very much in love with her boobs. From a modest A cup to a massive Z, her tits have certainly come a long way!

Hard-Hitting Home Truths

However, things aren’t as effortless as she makes them out to be. Her massive boobs are so massive, they are almost entities by themselves. At a whopping 40 pounds (in total — that’s 20 pounds each) they are quite a load to lug around as well. It’s like carrying a five-gallon jug of water on her chest. Or a seven-year-old kid.

While that bit of information would make the faint-hearted ones among our species roll their eyes in despair, Beshine is not one to shy away from her adventurous dreams. Not only does she keep wanting to have boobs that keep getting bigger and bigger, but she also does a very good job of providing good care and support to her humongous fun bags. How?

Ample Add-Ons

You would have never guessed it. The woman with the biggest boobs in the world wears three bras at a time. Sometimes, even that doesn’t help! She is no stranger to wardrobe malfunctions, especially while exercising at the gym. That is why she makes it a point to carry replacement bras with her at all times. This ensures that her bouncy boobies are snug and comfy at all times.

Beshine also jokes that she needs more “boobroom” as opposed to legroom because she feels uncomfortable in tight spaces such as elevators and cars. Watching a movie or flying in a plane has never been the same ever since she transitioned into the category of big-boobed women. Seemingly simple tasks such as wearing shoes or shaving legs are huge challenges too.

Growth and Glory

Beshine had three surgeries in all, in order to get to where she is, with her world-record-holding boobs. Interestingly, she was never into the whole title-grabbing thing. The “boobie greed monster” within her was never content and she wanted to continue increasing her breast size. She also enjoys a huge fan base that stretches far and wide across the globe (no pun intended).

It so happened that, one fine day, her fans were eager to notify her that she had the biggest wonder-melons in the world. To put it simply, she was amused when she came across this bit of news. Who wouldn’t be? After all, she wasn’t out to make a mark or anything. She was just following her heart’s desire.

Beshine has a chilled-out personality. She is a relaxed and laid-back person who is only focused on living a peaceful life. BeShine believes in following her inner voice, which tells her that she has not yet achieved her goal. She has set no limits on what size her “pretty big pillows” should be. Now that’s some good news for her fans right there because they can look forward to more pleasant surprises in the near future.

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