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Every girl owns her share of panties. I don’t know if everyone is like me but I have a certain difficulty getting rid of ripped, stained or cum wrenched panties. There’s something so familiar and a certain closeness that makes the throwing out of panties unbearable for me.

Having panties hug my pussy on a daily basis and everything they’ve been through just makes me want to keep them forever. They have followed me in my naughtiest moments and have been there for me every step of my fucked up life and are a part of my family because they are the ones I share my most intimate moments with.

Today’s panty loving competition is dedicated to thongs. The first time I wore a thong I thought “Why in the hell would people want to feel something up there ass all day…” Little did I know, lots of people do and thongs are just a start 😉

Comment below and VOTE NOW for your favourite thong and let them know just how much you care!!!

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🔥💋 Live sex show with pornstars. Enjoy now! 🍑🔥