So a brunette might have a little less fun than blonds 😉 but they are sexy goddesses who give you what you want and know how to please. They are vixens with a wild side.

They can go from classy business woman to uncontrollably dirty girls. Here is my tribute to the brunettes out there who make the world a better place. Brunettes seem to have a knack for hot self-shots, especially with their I phones  They know how to look, pose, and they sex you up real good!

Goodness I love brunettes they are sublime maybe some day if I ever get tired of my blonde hair I might think about a change! What do you think? Do you think I’d look good as a brunette? Would I look as hot? Would I still be noticed in a club? Would I get the same attention I do as a blonde? If I looked a little bit like this girl on the left than maybe I might have a chance of standing out in a crowd!

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