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Pornstars have their loyal following.

Some of you have probably been jerking off to the same porn actress for years. These actresses manage to maintain their juiciness despite the years.

Whether it’s a new scene of self-pleasure, The Sex Reality has gathered 10 of the DaPorn’s most popular stars.

Jolene Devil

Jolene Devil is best known for her performances for Homegrown Video and DreamGirls. She’s not afraid to explore as well as she has worked through 23 categories in her AV career.

She’s the one boys go to for their MILF and housewife fantasies. Though it’s been two years since her last release her lengthy hiatus has not prevented her from being one of DaPorn’s most-watched stars.

Riley Reid

Call her multinational as Riley Reid is of Dutch, Irish, Welsh, German, Puerto Rican and Dominican descent. The Florida star boasts a rich genealogical combination that adds to her appeal.

She’s on the petite side being 5’4″ with 32A boobs. Riley is the living proof that the adult industry isn’t just about tits. Those tiny tits managed to land her high-profile roles since she started her career in 2011.

Riley has got the stamina for days as she can go from softcore to public sex real quick. She embraces her imperfections and refuses to have anything done to her body.

Asa Akira

If France has Ozawa, America has Akira.

Asa Akira is pure Japanese though as she was born in New York City. She’s a petite 5’2 Asian beauty with surprisingly big tits for a Japanese woman with an impressive size at 32C.

Her piercing eyes and popping booty is the icing on the cake for a woman willing to go as far as doing fetish and BDSM videos. Asa is a dominatrix pro so expect her to know a lot about working the reins, whips, and handcuffs.

Asa can tickle your fetishes with her works. She has gained extreme following out of it and it’s all for the good reasons.

Cherie DeVille

Cherie Deville isn’t your average pornstar. She isn’t afraid to test waters and step out of her comfort zones.

She is a lesbian porn star who mixes it up with men every once in a while. Despite being in a real-life relationship with another woman, she pretty much holds her own when a penis goes inside her.

Cherie has starred in 270 pornos and has no plans of calling it quits just yet. She plans to make more videos as her blonde hair and still, the sexy physique will always be on-demand.

Lily Lane

Lily Lane is not the typical “good girl gone bad” type. She’s a badass upfront flaunting several of her tattoos that stretch down from her arms to her tummy and her legs.

She’s a lightweight at 5’4″ tall and weighing 112 pounds but boasts vital statistics of 32DD-26-36. There’s no denying that those double Ds used to do by tiny As but we still love it nonetheless.

The California native got her start in 2013 with Burning Angel. She went on a hiatus for a year due to a relationship before making a huge comeback in 2014 and never looked back.

Lily was horny ever since which is why she already saw herself being either a stripper or a pornstar when thinking of career choices. The industry welcomed her with open arms once she started giving it a shot.

She loves gangbang and double penetration and loves to pleasure herself on Twitter to the delight of her eager followers.

Marley Brinx

Marley Brinx is one of the fresher faces of the porn industry. She is the typical girl who wants to be like and guys want to be with. Let’s be real though. Both guys ad girls want to get inside this Canadian girl.

She sure knows how to make a happy cock out of her happy attitude, always looking to please a cock. Marley is a bisexual swinger who pleases girls just as much as she does with guys. The porn business is a job she loves and it shows in her performances.

Whether you’re in for reverse cowgirls and squirts, Marley is a very versatile girl whose ultimate fantasy is a double penetration porno with her boyfriend and a random dude.

Every Marley fan is going to wait for that video to be done.

Ava Alvares

Ava Alvares is one of many pornstars who has a case of being South Beach’s finest. The Miami, Florida bombshell has a filled body with natural 32B boobs.

Her tiny waist, curvy hips, and big butt that’s in demand in the 331-332 ZIP code. Ava defines brown pride with her beautiful heritage combined with her long brown hair and big brown eyes.

She’s on the curvier side but her body has its weight distributed in all the right places. Exotic but friendly, Ava is just a sexy cheerful babe that never fails to give boys the hard-on.

Her dick-sucking prowess is always on full display. She can look like a hungry girl or one pleading for mercy depending on the size she puts in her mouth.

Ava is quite the late bloomer being 27 when she shot her first porno. Don’t let the age fool you as she still looks 18 before the clothes come off but can also look older when she shows you how much she knows about sex.

Carter Cruise

Carter Cruise is quite the teaser. She calls herself  “your girlfriend’s favorite pornstar,” which teases a boy’s ego. It also adds some kink factor to your relationship thus making bedtimes sexier.

She’s a rocker chick who can get nasty whether it’s a fellow girl or a hot guy. Carter looks like the rebellious hipster who rocks in her style contrary to the glam or slutty types.

Carter has a sweet baby face and blonde hair reminiscent of a high school cheerleader you’d wish you have. She’s the type you take out on coffee dates but can turn up the tempo come night time.

Just to let you know, she’s all-natural from her tits to her butt. She also puts in a good sweat judging by that nice firm physique

A country girl can survive as this Atlanta, Georgia girl will never run out of options. She can have her holes penetrated by a deserving man but can also go, full lesbian, if the moment asks for it.

Carter loves going down and give head since she’s a blowjob aficionado that swallows. She also has tricks to pull to please a lady’s vagina. To cap it all up, she does plenty of anal, which she prepares well for.

Carter is one of your craziest desires. Rock on!

Keisha Grey

The Grey last name is a huge one to live up to in the XXX industry.

Keisha Grey (not related to Sasha) is a young girl trying to make it in the porn business. She’s got her following already as major studios are signing her for projects here and there.

It’s hard not to stare at those amazing tits and beat one out before she even takes her clothes off. Teens are already crazy over Keisha and adults would soon be as well as this girl to goes far into explorations.

Her body’s vital parts are like watermelons on top and peaches at the bottom which boys are dying to squeeze.

Keisha likes to top herself every time she does sucking and fucking. She’s been in some nasty interracial porn that she has reached a wider market.

Want something else to fantasize about? She can give her girlfriends clitoral and butthole massages with each pretty part of her face.

Kennedy Leigh

Kennedy Leigh has had her eyes set on being the girl of your fantasies since she was 18. This young blonde girl has the dirty look that will simply invite you into her insides.

She won’t waste any time and she wants to get down and take care of business every chance she gets. She’s the typical girl you’d jerk off when her sex tape comes out. Her videos look so spontaneous it looks like those leaked gems.

Kennedy can go in-deep and will test the depths each dick can reach. She knows it’s time to feast when the guy pulls down that zipper.

Her boobs are pale which makes it look fresh all the time as it bounces to each pound. Kennedy knows how to put that ass to work when needed.

Sex looks natural to a young girl who loves her job as she leads an army of wankers waiting for the next release.

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