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Are you coming back to the dating scene after you’ve left a long term relationship? Or maybe you’ve been stuck single for a while and need a kick start? Whether you’re long since past your dating days or just looking to add an injection of energy into your existing one, actually meeting hot women can sometimes be a bit tricky. Do you actually want to meet hot women and come away with more than just a bruised ego? Well…give these tips a try.


If you’re using dating sites….

The biggest mistake guys make on dating web sites is to fill their profile wit information they think their perspective dates what to hear, rather than the truth. Don’t put up that picture of you from ten years ago when you went to the gym four times a week. For any chance of success past those initial instructions, you’ve got to be realistic as to who you really are. Do list your likes, dislikes, and add some humor in there as well. Respond to messages in a timely manner – even those of ladies you’re not interested in.

If you’re hitting up the clubs and bars…. Read her body language before you make your move. Are her arms crossed? Is she looking a bit uptight? Might want to take a pass on that one. If she’s showing you that she’s up for some conversation, walk on over, but don’t get too close. A good rule is to stay around 3 feet away when you first approach a woman, and let her come closer as and when she feels comfortable. If she’s sitting down, take a seat across from her, even if there’s one right next to her that’s available.

If you’re trying to hook up at work…. Sure, getting your college home after a spirit filled night at the work Christmas party may be a quick and dirty way to score, but it’s not the longest lasting method to getting a girlfriend. Work relationships can be very tricky – especially when they go wrong. Take these a bit slower than usual. Try and talk about things other than work on your dates. Keep your possible relationship on the down-low, especially if you’re got a workplace policy that says you can’t date. Don’t flirt over the workplace email system or cell phones. Instead – stick to those fast kisses down at the coffee shop for lunch or the parking lot after hours!

If you’re trying to land that ‘friend’… Right, so this one isn’t so much as ‘meeting’ a hot woman rather than transforming the hottie friend you’ve got into something more than a Call of Duty co-op. When you’re together, turn up the dial on your interactions. Be more playful. Flirt more. Start touching her arm, wrist or hand to give off a new brand of signals that lets her know you’re ready to move out of the ‘friend zone’. For some guys, these will be the best relationships they ever have.

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