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Why not spice up your sex life now?

If you’re a sexually active person, you’re apparently looking for ways to enhance your bedroom experiences at some point in your life

A lot of people are shopping for sex toys to add a sense of novelty in the bedroom, so maybe you can try it too. 

According to experts, the use of adult sex toys can provide a positive effect when it comes to sex therapy. It can revitalize your vagina (if you’re a female), it can enable you to get the best orgasms, discover your own body, and improve your sexual performance. 

Fortunately, sex toys are now widely accepted all over the world. In fact, the global adult plaything market will continue to grow up to $30 billion next year. It only means that there are a plethora of users on the entire planet. 

Now, you’re probably thinking of purchasing your first sex toy — well, there’s nothing to be afraid of because it’s not taboo anymore. Thanks to Sex and the City and Fifty Shades of Grey, sex toys are gaining more acceptance and it’s nothing to frown about. 

The sex toy industry is innovating over the years so you might want to keep up with the latest trends to get your hands on something that can provide you with the most pleasure. 

Once you’ve made up your mind about what you’re going to purchase, it’s perhaps best to think where you can get your ideal toy. It’s not like someone is going to knock on your door and give you what you need, right? 

Luckily, there are two options you can choose from. 

First, you can get in your car and drive to the nearest local sex toy shop. Through physical stores, you can get a closer look at the available products. 

Second, you can visit online stores that sell sex-related stuff like Jerkmate Shop. It’s more convenient and they even have a wider collection compared to local stores.

Jerkmate Shop

What is Jerkmate Shop? 

Jerkmate Shop is an online sex shop that sells a myriad of things like masturbators, dildos, vibrators, fleshlights, and more!

It is based in the US and it abides by a discreet shipping policy — so no need to fret, your secret is safe with them!

When you order a bedroom plaything from them, they’ll place the product inside a plain box or envelope. No advertisements and no company names are written — just your address. 

They consider every transaction as confidential information. Awesome, right? 

Shopping in stores VS. Buying from online sex shops like Jerkmate Shop

There are pros and cons for both options — now the question is which one will most likely give you the best adult toy shopping experience?

Read further to learn about the things you can expect in purchasing your sex stuff from these two options. 

  • Sex Shop

Did you know that the first adult toy store was opened in the year 1962 in Flensburg, West Germany? 

During that time, it was considered a huge event!

The only downside was that the owners couldn’t advertise their products and business openly and couldn’t even disclose the shop’s exact location. 

People can only get information through bush telegraphs. We’re probably lucky today because we have the internet — a few clicks and voila! All your needed information is fed to your computer or mobile device. 

However, before the first sex shop was founded, some people are already spicing up their bedroom action with toys. Most of the playthings back then are either improvised items or handmade. 

Luckily, today, you can’t even keep track of the number of sex-related stores all over the world. There’s even a good chance that there are a few shops near your area. 

With physical stores, you can see up close the size of the product and you can even compare it with other available toys in the shop. 

Moreover, the sales assistant might also give you some tips and ideas depending on your personal preferences and recommend the newest toy trends in the market. 

If you have a partner, it’s highly likely that you’ll have a wonderful time inside sex shops. You’ll feel more connected and the experience can even set the mood so you can enjoy a sizzling night!

But there can also be downsides — some people might find it awkward to enter shops like these. 

The store assistant might ask you several personal questions that you won’t feel comfortable with. Apparently, not everyone feels untroubled when talking about their personal lives with total strangers — it might even be more awkward if you know the seller! Surprise, surprise!

And possibly, the assistant gets a percentage for every transaction which means that they might recommend you products that won’t fit your needs. 

You might even need to go there before the store closes. Imagine entering the shop a minute shy before it closes — it’s probably not a good idea to rush your decision making process!

Lastly, physical shops are less likely going to offer you the privacy that you need because it’s possible that you’ll run into a colleague or a friend while you’re doing your shopping. 

Now, that would be embarrassing–don’t you think?

  • Online Stores

With the fast-growing technology, you can order just anything on the Web — and that includes sex toys!

Do you want to hype up your sexual game? 

Well, if you do, it’s apparently best to check out online shops such as Jerkmate Shop. Aside from having a myriad of products available, they also offer them at a low-price! Fantastic, right? 

When you purchase your bedroom needs at Jerkmate Shop, you can get a detailed description of the plaything and even read reviews before clicking the checkout button. 

And compared to physical stores, online shops have a much bigger collection! With that said, you can easily find the perfect toy for you!

Lastly, you can shop at any time of the day and keep your shopping list private as well. 

Do we need to say more? 

Jerkmate Shop can offer you just about anything that’s related to sex. Visit Jerkmate Shop now and see their collection of sex toys and more!

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