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Do you want to add some unrealistic sex toys to your collection? 

Realistic bedroom playthings are awesome, but won’t unusual stuff bring more spice into your existing set? 

With that said, would you be interested in getting your hands on abstract, unrealistic, and semi-realistic dildos? 

If you are, then you can visit Jerkmate Shop, they have the best unusual toys on the Web and most of those are safe for butt plays as well. Awesome, right? 

It only means that you don’t have to worry about toxic materials harming your genital health. 

What is Jerkmate Shop?

What is Jerkmate Shop?

Jerkmate Shop is an online sex shop that offers everything that’s sex-related from dildos to strap-ons and of course, vibrators!

It’s probably your one-way ticket to achieving an awesome adult toy collection — something that others would envy!

If this is your first time ordering online, it’s normal to feel awkward and doubtful. But if you’re worried about your privacy, Jerkmate Shop got your back!

This sex store abides by its discreet shipping protocol to protect the identity and the shopping list of their customers. It means that no one knows that you ordered a sex toy from an online shop. 

Jerkmate Shop is apparently a pro in keeping a secret — and that’s a remarkable trait especially for their marketing niche!

After confirming your order and payment method, the Jerkmate Shop team will ship your order in a plain box with nothing but your address. Through that, you won’t get awkward glances from your family members once your delivery arrives.

Best Unrealistic Toys on Jerkmate Shop

There are a myriad of designs you can find on Jerkmate Shop. However, if you’re looking for something that’s weird (in a good way) and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, Jerkmate Shop still got you!

There’s even a good chance that other people won’t recognize that it’s actually an adult toy. 

So without further ado, here they are:


Avant by Blush Novelties

The designers of this sex toy probably received a commendation from their boss for showing creativity — just look at its colors!

The Avant Toy was created by hand-pouring premium body-safe silicone material layer by layer. That must be a tedious job, don’t you think? 

Aside from its unique appearance, it also has strong suction cups and shafts that are squishy and very flexible. 

They even have cultural-referenced names that some people would possibly love. Some of the names are Sin City (black, white, and red) and Purple Rain (the funky and forever sexy). 

The only downside of this toy is some people who prefer bigger sizes might not enjoy this Avant collection. 


Icicles by Pipedream

Icicles are apparently the biggest and cheapest glass toy collection on the market

The thing that sets glass toys apart from other types of toys is they can be used with all kinds of lubes, easily cleaned, frictionless, and of course, they look like artworks!

Are you worried they might break? 

Glass playthings are made of Borosilicate glass or popularly known as Pyrex so it’s quite impossible to break. In fact, this unbreakable property is probably what made this line of sex toy renowned!

Moreover, glass adult toys can hold temperatures pretty well compared to others which means that they can be ideal for temp play. 

However, it’s highly advised that you don’t put it in the freezer — unless you’re interested in a tongue-on-frozen-pole kind of situation in your genital area. 

To avoid problems during intercourse or masturbation, it might be best that you pour hot or cold water over the product before using it. 

Another good thing about Icicles is there are strap-on compatible types that you can use for your sexual adventures in bed!


Blush’s Nude Impressions

Are you looking for a dildo that is body-safe, affordable, and has a great suction cup feature

That might be quite difficult to find — especially if you’d want it to have vibration functions as well.

Fortunately, Blush’s Nude Impressions is here to put your search to a stop!

Aside from being cheap, it also has a lot of wonderful features that you’d possibly love. It has 10 various vibrating modes and is  100% waterproof!

The vibration strength isn’t that intense but it’s not weak either  — probably just enough to send you pulling on your blanket while squirming with pleasure!

This hands-free bedroom plaything might be an ideal play toy for most people. 

They also come in unconventional and abstract shapes! 

Even if you’re not into abstract stuff, it’s still a good deal, don’t you think? 


Blush’s Real Nude

More and more companies are following suit to indie manufacturer’s dual-density silicone design

Blush’s Real Nude is probably taking that path and it’s considered to be more semi-realistic than abstract. It comes in different colors like blue, pink, and skin tone. 

It’s squishy and has a bendable but firm inner core. And of course, we shouldn’t forget about the suction cups — which are a rare find on dual-density models!

In fact, Blush’s Real Nude’s suction cups are the best compared to their dual-density competitors!


Luxe by Calexotics

Are you looking for high-end touch-sensitive dildos with suction cups

Well, this seems to be the only available option on the market today. 

While it’s true that most adult toys on the market got high-end treatments, manufacturers possibly forgot about suction cups. 

Fortunately, the semi-realistic Luxe toys are here to fix that — and they even come with bonus features!

It has an innovative touch-sensitive sensor, 10 various vibrating modes, waterproof, and rechargeable. What more could you ask for? 

Through the sensors, you can receive 2x intense vibration the deeper you push the dildo. 

With its semi-realistic and hands-free design, Luxe might be ideal to attach on a strap-on and for mounting on the wall!

The only downside is, it’s only available in a single universal size — but at least, you get to pick the color!

Jerkmate Shop has a vast collection of adult toys that could help you reach climax! Visit Jerkmate Shop now and check out their unrealistic dildo selections.

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