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DateAdvisor is a great site to go to If you are looking for serious relationships, hookups, flirting or online sex.  You will be able to get better dates, see dating site comparisons, recommendations and tips. This is not your ordinary website. You can spend a long time on the site since you will find it very useful.

For over 13 years now, their dedicated team of experts has helped a lot of people get a great match online. Since your satisfaction is their priority, you will get your money’s worth on the site.


They have sites suggested for you which you can go to depending on your needs.

  1. Serious Relationships

Find the best match for you based on who you are compatible with. Dating sites that fall under this category are perfect for those looking for a partner in life.

  • Sweet and Casual
  • Well Hello
  • Lov.net
  • Dating Buddies
  • eHarmony
  • Elite Singles
  • Dating.com
  • Zoosk
  • Match.com
  • Hookup and Flirt

If you are looking for fun and adventure in meeting new people, dating websites under this category will make it easy for you to do so.

  • Ashley Madison
  • Victoria Milan
  • Flirt Loft
  • Hot Sex Buddies
  • Only Hookup
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • Fuckbook
  • Well Hello
  • Lust
  • Love.net
  • Adult Crowd
  • Be Naughty
  • Dating.com
  • Online Sex

You might want to try some kinky action or something out of the box. Websites under this category will give you an unforgettable and exciting experience.

  • Sinful Buddies
  • Adult Friend Finder
  • Snap Sext
  • Fuckbook
  • Well Hello
  • Ulust
  • Lov.net
  • Be Naughty
  • Dating.com

Online Users Near You

You will be able to hit on online users that are near your area and get a higher chance of making a score. No more girls who will just lead you on. On this site, you are guaranteed a better chance of hooking up.

Here are just some of the names of the girls you will encounter.

  • AnnaLuv24, Member since 2019
  • Izabella Black908. Member since 2019
  • Aiden XXO, Member since 2019
  • Aaliyah Ruby, Member since 2019
  • Kaley Red Hot, Member since 2019
  • Sweet Coco 97, Member since 2019
  • Trinity 33, Member since 2019
  • Norah Calient8, Member since 2019
  • Lily Moody, Member since 2019
  • Lena Avery, Member since 2019

What You Get

With DateAdvisor, you can be sure of the real thing.

  1. 100% real facts

DateAdvisor has expert opinions that are based on 100% verifiable and real facts. They don’t just give you a sales pitch. What you get is authentic stuff.  You will never encounter a poor dating experience again since they are committed to giving you top quality.

  • Full analysis

Since the site allows you to compare hundreds of dating sites, you will never have to make a mistake again. Everything is laid out for you and transparent which makes browsing easier. You can compare customer service, pricing, user interface. Everything is covered. They give a balanced overview and recommendation.

  • See available Users near you

You might want to dive into the action right away instead of reading the tips that they might give you. You will be able to see the latest members that joined each network. This will give you the opportunity to chat or make contact with someone you find interesting. It starts with one picture and that says a lot about a person.

  • Best Value for Money

They have free features that you can avail of. If you would rather skip the ads or the free stuff, there is an option to pay. Being a paid member has a lot of perks and added features that you can take advantage of. You can be sure that at the end of the day, you will get your money’s worth. The best gauge is if you get a great hookup!

All Kinds of Dating

They have different kinds of dates for your preference. You can be straight, gay, bisexual or you prefer a girl from a different race. They have it.

  1. Gay dating – finding a gay date is not easy usually. However, this site will match you with a compatible date that is right for you.
  2. MILF dating –Hot mommas are a great hookup and rightly so. Here, you will get enthusiastic and lovely, mature ladies you will surely dig.
  3. Casual dating – you might not be ready for a serious relationship right away. If a hookup is what you are looking for, you’ve come to the right site.
  4. Latina dating – think of Jennifer Lopez types where the curves are voluptuous. That would be a great date, right? You will find plenty of them here.
  5. Asian dating – the petite and exotic types are also here. If you like long-haired, cat-eyed women, you will find them here.
  6. Russian dating – the showgirl. Voluptuous type of girl is available here. Endless legs, white skin and big, bouncing boobs will surely thrill you.
  7. Serious dating – If you are ready for romance and something long-term, this is your best bet to find one. You will be matched with compatible individuals who will fit your personality and preferences.
  8. Hookup –  Are you ready to date or have a fling? You can find plenty of willing partners on the site.
  9. Flirt – It all starts with flirting. You can easily flirt with the available persons online. Give it your best shot.
  10. Cybersex – Do you want to have online sex? You can find a ready partner who will engage you with some fun stuff online. Sky is the limit and anything goes here.
  11. Threesome – If you would like to try something different, there are available partners on the site who are also adventurous. You can take your pick and meet up with them.
  12. Swingers – Are you ready to swing? This is the perfect venue for you.
  13. Dating Forums- You can join the dating forums and see what is being discussed by the members. This is also a good opportunity to get to know someone.
  14. Erotic Stories – Be titillated by the stories that will surely arouse your wildest senses.
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