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Want to find no-strings attached relationship or hook-up but not sure where to start? Yes, we know that the popular dating apps often have a healthy (or unhealthy, depending on your perspective) mixture of both serial daters and hopeless romantics. Is there a specific chat site out there that only caters to those who are only looking for someone to warm their beds?

Enter FapChat.net. Fapchat is a sex chat site that caters to those who are only after one-night stands, no-strings attached relationships, and summer flings. It’s pretty straightforward—every member knows that the people that they will see and meet on the site only wants one thing and one thing only: hook-up. So for horny lads and ladies like you that only want a quickie before enjoying your weekend, you must sign up to Fapchat.

Unlike other dating apps and sites, Fapchat is a no-holds barred chat site. You can go from 0 to 100 real-quick. Meaning, you can do heart-to-heart conversations with a random stranger to keep you company as you lull yourself to sleep. Or, if you are horny, you can just trade and send nude selfies to any member you find interesting. Meeting up for a quickie is an option, too!

Basically, Fapchat does not bar you from sending raunchy photos to other people. Feel free to send as many dick pics as you want to both male and female members. The sky is your limit. Hopefully, one of them notices your efforts and start chatting with you. From there, you can exchange nudes, do phone sext, and, if the other person is up to it, do a sex video chat.

You can send nude selfies to any random stranger you like. Or you can just wait until another sexy lady drops her own photo to your inbox. What selfies would you be able to get? Expect different types of selfies, such as teen selfies, MILF, lingerie, non-nude, exposed cleavage, and more! Feel free to hit up one or more of these horny ladies and get the raunchy show on the road.

Just like other dating apps and sites, Fapchat does have an obligation to their community, and that is to keep the identities of their members private and confidential. Some members apply a different persona from the real ones they have just so they can freely express their sexual selves and fulfill their porn fantasies without being judged. In return to their patronage, Fapchat ensures that their community will remain a safe space for everyone.

Thus, if you want to become a Fapchat member, you must agree to these three things:

  1. You will NOT blab, whisper, or even breathe a word about the people you meet there, especially if it’s someone you know. Every member’s name and face must remain a secret within the community.
  2. You will be ready to do video chats with a particular stranger. Most women prefer it this way so as there is no record of them ever communicating or having sex video chats with another stranger.
  3. You will NOT record or save any nude photos, videos, and sex chats from the platform. Hacking is a common problem, and to keep the members’ identities confidential, you must make it a point not to keep any traces of other people’s names and faces online.

If you agree to these three things, then you are good to go! Just register and create a free account in Fapchat.net and start meeting horny ladies and gents today. Don’t worry; you don’t have to wait long. With tons of members that log in to their site and app every night, you are bound to meet at least one or more who would be glad to exchange nude selfies with you for the next hour or so.

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