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People like seeking new opportunities. They change careers, go far away, and even sign up on a new online dating platform in the hopes of getting a SmartBang.

SmartBang is like that move to a new environment. It’s an escape from saturation before you might deal with such again. Consider it a fresh start to your dating life.

Familiarity breeds contempt and spending too much time on one platform might ruin your chances and make you look like a creep. There’s some fun to meeting new people everywhere else you end up on.

Honestly, SmartBang might be what your dating life needs right now. A fresh start with new connections and a whole new perspective to bring in order to score your desired hookups.

How about we talk more about SmartBang, shall we?

Landing on SmartBang

We came across SmartBang after searching for new dating sites on Google. It’s a fresh start as we tried out our new and improved game derived from correcting all the mistakes we made in the past.

The site let us  know what it was all about the moment we landed on the homepage. The caption was “Experience the real online sex experience” and that explains it all

A model was pouting her lips and showing some extra skin on her chest area as you are invited to sign up in the hopes of meeting people like the one on the front page.

Such a landing page sure made us hurry and sign up in order to see more about what this dating site has to offer.

Let the fun begin

SmartBang.com is all about hookups. You probably know it by this point already since the word sex is written big on its landing page. It’s probably more exciting when you meet some BDSM girls on the platform.

Those who hook up with girls on the daily or want to find some quick bang ala Tinder will love this platform. There’s tons of nudity too for you to feast your eyes on. Of course, having sex with those nude bodies is better.

You might even want to sing “Heaven is a Place on Earth” while looking at the plethora of girls on SmartBang.

Platonic relationships are a thing too on this platform. It might be a challenge though since this is more of a banging spot rather than an intimate one.

Signing up for SmartBang

Just to set your expectation, it’s still your game that’s going to score you the desired hookups. If you come across as a creep, that’s like being a walking flame on a wooden bridge. You’re just burning another one.

SmartBang gets straight to the point. No more questions and the silly matchmaking. This one cuts everything to the chase. It only takes less than a minute to register on the platform. Filling up your bio and profile pic is optional.

I think it can up my chances of meeting my ideal match and it might also help me get more messages. It can really help especially if you’re looking for something specific.

How to match on SmartBang

There’s one interest for everyone. The platform has so many members that it’s impossible not to find someone who shares the same taste in food or music with you.

You’ll find all the dating options being shot right at you upon registering. This is the part where the actual sharing a bit about you comes into play. You need to fill out these forms to establish yourself as a legit hookup and not a creepy sex offender looking for a place to hide your doings.

Members can tell others more about their physical appearance, vital statistics, and the size of our sexual parts.

The personality test

How do you expect other people to be interested in you if you do not know yourself? At least you can take a personality test and find out. It’s similar to other dating platforms so this part isn’t new to you anymore.

At least SmartBang makes sure that you fuck somebody that you’re indeed interested in both inside and outside. There’s hookups but the sex won’t be meaningless if this is the case.

There isn’t any matching strategy here. It’s as simple as if she’s interested, she’ll message. This is where the game comes into play. You got to be sharp and spot on with your intentions.

At least you’ve got a platform where it explicitly tells you they’re all about sex but still makes sure you get something meaningful out of it.

Finding your perfect match

Dating sites make a living out of a special algorithm that suggests people you might know or you might match with.

There’s also the filters where you can choose how to define your desired age, sex, location, body type, and racial profile. You can also see who’s available for matching, as well as location matches.

We tried matching with one of the members whose body we liked. The selection was quite challenging since all of them were gorgeous enough. There were duds but at least not too many.

Not sure if it’s the right comparison but it felt like we were on an extended edition of a free porn tube site where we were allowed to interact with fellow hornies.

Final thoughts on SmartBang

SmartBang explicitly tells you to go and look for a fuck buddy. As long as you’ve got the right game, scoring a hookup is so easy here.

At least you don’t have to deal with meaningless sex. The chance for a good follow-up is better here since the dates before the sex will have good conversations in between.

The fact that you already set your name and face up on an online dating platform is already a courageous move. It’s time to enjoy the entire experience.

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