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When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grow up?

Well, for some, they would want to be a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, or an engineer. However, as they grew older, they realized that they wanted to be famous – to be a star!

Are you also one of those people who want to be popular someday? If you are, then maybe we can help you reach your dreams. 

Being a cam girl can help you to be a well-known individual on the Web as well as in real life. But that would only happen if you have the right tools and the right connections. You can’t just enter the cam site world and expect that popularity will come creeping your way. It’s not like that – unless you’re really that lucky!

If you are serious about being one of the top cam girl stars, you have to exert effort and time. You have to think hard about what you should do to be able to achieve your goals. 

Do you know what could possibly help you? It’s MyEroLink!

This website can help you promote yourself in the most convenient way possible and they even do it for free. Would you still say no to that golden opportunity? We don’t think so. 

What is MyEroLink?

MyEroLink is short for My Erotic Links. It is a website where you can promote all your social media links in one place. Yes, that’s right, you can group all your links in MyEroLink. 

The people behind MyEroLink thought of creating this site after they knew that cam models usually want to promote several links at a time. However, the sad reality is they couldn’t do that. Cam girls can only promote one social media at a time using other sites. 

Fortunately, when MyEroLink was founded, cam performers found it easy to post their links to different platforms no matter how many they are. 

What is the requirement for joining MyEroLink?

It’s actually pretty simple. You just have to be an active cam performer for you to be accepted on the site. 

Well, if you really are what you say you are, then for sure you won’t encounter any issues. 

What links can you promote on MyEroLink?

With this website, you can have the opportunity to promote links to several platforms that you have for free. Here are some of the sites that you can link to MyEroLink:

  • Your Amazon wishlist
  • Your Instagram account
  • Your Twitter account
  • Your official website
  • Your fan page Centro
  • Your Pornhub profile
  • Your profile page on a cam website
  • Your Snapchat account
  • Your YouTube account
  • Your Chaturbate account
  • Your ManyVids account

You can also add links to other websites that were not mentioned above. In fact, you can link as many as you can. There’s no limit!

What are the advantages of using MyEroLink?

There are a lot of advantages that you can enjoy when you start using this website in helping you promote yourself. 

First, the site has optimized profiles so it means that it is fast and can send more traffic to your links. Moreover, they link your main website using a do-follow link. This can help improve your official website’s visibility on the web and make you rank higher on several search engines such as Google. 

Second, and definitely one of the best advantages – MyEroLink doesn’t have ads! 

It doesn’t have anything on the site except cam girls’ and cam guys’ profiles. It doesn’t offer any other services that can distract the visitors because the owners are dedicated to serving the adult population. It means that the viewers of the website would be focused on your links. The more attention they give to MyEroLink, the more you’ll get popular. 

On the website’s homepage, you can see designated areas for the latest profiles, most viewed profiles, and the best profiles. If you become featured on this page, you’ll get more visitors in no time. 

But wait, there’s more!

Did you know that you can also earn money by using MyEroLink? Yes, that’s correct! You’re not only promoting yourself but also getting some cash on the side. That would be really awesome!

How to earn money by using MyEroLink?

Well, earning some extra cash using MyEroLink is pretty simple. The site has partnered with Crakrevenue which is an affiliate platform. It means that every time a cam model signs up on the website using your link, you’ll instantly earn money!

Are you determined to be the next big cam star of this generation? Find the proper tools on MyEroLink now!

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