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Did you ever dream of becoming a star? 

Well, most people wished they could be rich and famous when they were younger. 

With that said, did you know that you can reach that goal by becoming a cam model or performer? 

Aside from giving pleasure to yourself, you can also satisfy others and earn extra cash on the side. That’s like everyone’s dream job, right— having fun while earning money. 

Fortunately, getting popular is now easier with the constant advancement in technology. You can make use of different social media platforms to boost your presence on the Web. 

In fact, anyone, notwithstanding the race, gender, and age can possibly achieve stardom – including you, of course!

Are you interested now in becoming an adult star? Well, if you are, then you can check out MyEroLink – a website that can contribute a lot to your success in your chosen career. 

What is MyEroLink?


MyEroLink means My Erotic Link and it specializes in boosting the online presence of cam performers. 

When you’re a newbie on the cam site, you would need all resources that you can find to promote yourself – that includes providing links for your social media accounts. 

The sad part is, most websites don’t allow you to promote numerous platforms at a time. You can either choose one— a) your Facebook link or b) Instagram username. That’s totally frustrating because it means that you may have a lower chance of standing out from your competitors. 

When the team behind MyEroLink knew about this, they started to think of ways to make your cam-modeling experience more convenient and fruitful. 

As a result of research and constant brainstorming, they finally came up with this website – the MyEroLink site. 

In this platform, you can promote as many social media accounts as you want. The opportunity is limitless here!

You don’t have to choose one from the long list of platforms that you’re on because you can finally post all profile links you got.

Did you know that the more you promote yourself on the Web through MyEroLink, the higher your chances of reaching your dreams of becoming a star? 

Maybe it’s about time to start your hustle!

What site links can you promote on MyEroLink?


Being a cam performer means that you’d need to get yourself out there. Provide links whenever you can so you can get more viewers. 

With MyEroLink, you can group all your social media links in one place and in one customized URL. 

Is it too good to be true?

Well, we can’t blame you because it’s truly a great offer and you shouldn’t miss it for the world!

Here is a list of platforms that you can promote on MyEroLink:

  • Your profile page on a cam site (of course, this should be your priority)
  • Your fan page Centro
  • Your Twitter account
  • Your ManyVids profile
  • Your Chaturbate account
  • Your Amazon wishlist
  • Your Instagram account
  • Your official website
  • Your PornHub profile
  • Your YouTube channel
  • Your Snapchat ID

You can promote other links that aren’t mentioned on the list above. The possibilities are endless so don’t miss your chance!

How to sign up for MyEroLink?

Maybe when you were reading the earlier part of this article, you were thinking that the registration fee on MyEroLink is so costly. 

Well, good news! — it’s definitely for free! So keep your credit cards because you won’t be needing that for this one. 

However, there’s one simple thing that MyEroLink would ask from you – honesty!

Are you really a cam performer? Well, if you are, then there’s nothing we should be worried about because you can enter the site in a jiffy if you really are a cam guy or cam girl.

The team behind this website willingly offer their services for free so why not give them honesty in return?

What makes it unique from other promotion service sites?


While we can’t deny the fact that other websites can aid your journey to fame. 


What if we tell you that there’s no other site that offers the same type of service?

We’re not trying to convince you because the decision is still in your hands. We just want to state facts. 

One of the best things about this site is they optimize your profile so it can send a lot of traffic to your links. 

Moreover, you can even earn some extra cash through its affiliate program. 

Do we need to say more? Visit MyEroLink now and experience the fun and convenience yourself!

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