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Technology has really taken a leap in the 21st century. Almost everything is made easier, especially communication. Internet is getting more and more accessible to people. And almost everything can be done if you have access to it. Shopping, employment, and even education have completely changed when the Internet age took over. Almost all industry is changing even the adult industry or the porn industry.

Adult industry or the porn industry is forever changing. According to dailymail.co, the world’s earliest records of pornography are probably the carvings found in a cave in China. These carvings can be dated back to the second millennium BC.

Then, of course, humans were able to develop paintings, structures, and drawings along with erotic literature. Until the rise of photography which gave us pornographic magazines that we hide under our beds. (Porn magazines still exist, by the way.) Then they develop a way to make photographs move that leads us to pornographic films. And then, when the internet came, we no longer have to rent out pornographic films in DVD stores.

Because society is ever-growing and our search for convenience and technological advancement is strong, they are now making a way to simulate sex without actually going out to meet people. And Sex Emulator is one of those web sites that try to achieve this.

Sex Emulator is a highly-addictive website that is primarily for sex simulations. But they also have porn games, pornographic photos and videos, content from porn stars, live cams, and full pornographic movies.

When you enter Sex Emulator, you will be greeted with a sexy avatar who is going to be your “fuck friend”. She will then ask a series of questions and then you can start.

To start, you will be given a choice to change her appearance. You can change her appearance according to her race or ethnicity, hair color, and breast size. The only comment I have on this is that there are no male avatars available. But having a girl “fuck friend” is still really hot.

If you are already satisfied with your fuck friend’s appearance, you can now move forward to the fun part. Like all AI or artificial intelligence, your fuck friend needs to be trained so that she can satisfy you effectively.

The training is divided into two levels. For the first level, you get to train her on boob play, spanking, anal play, and blow job. For the 2nd level, you can get to train her on the more advanced stuff. These include sexy dancing, pussy play, oil play, and squirting. However, you have to already be a member before moving on to the next level.

Don’t worry, tho! Because making a membership account on Sex Emulator is completely free! You have to enter your credit card details tho. This is just so they can make sure that you are at least 18 years old.

I’m sure everyone will have a fun time exploring hot avatars and everything Sex Emulator has to offer. Go ahead and live the best human technology has to offer!

🔥💋 Live sex show with pornstars. Enjoy now! 🍑🔥