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Are you picky with your partners for lovemaking? Do you want them to do this specific thing but they keep refusing? Are they not skilled enough for you? Well, what if I tell you that you can have an amazing time with the woman of your dreams, by visiting just one website? Oh, and this woman also gets better at what they do, the more you play with her? AND you unlock a ton of other things, also sex-related, as you go on? I give you SexEmulator.com! A site where you customize your ideal woman and have them do the nasty things you want to be done to you. Your reward? You get MORE sex!

SexEmulator is mainly a sex simulator with an animated 3D model of your choice. Her animation is awesome might I add. As you progress with her, and by “progress” I mean you make her do all these erotic things, you unlock more things that the site has to offer! This includes, but are not limited to, porn videos, porn games, live cams, even movies! Isn’t that great? You access more sexy things by having your 3D model do sexy things!

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Can we talk about that 3D girl though? Customization is nice. There are not a lot of choices to choose from but the animation work done on her is amazing, from the facial expressions to the things she does! By herself, I’d say Sex Emulator’s done a good job already. I mean I can just watch her play with herself for hours! Okay, maybe minutes, but there’s always a second round!

Playing with your 3D fuck friend for the first few minutes that you accessed the site does not require a membership. But, if you want to play with the things you unlocked while playing with her, you have to sign up. But so what? Membership is free, so after filling up some forms you’re gonna be back to filling that 3D ass up.

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So what exactly are the things you unlock by turning the 3D babe into a 3D cumdump? The answer is more things to orgasm to! We’re talking thousands of porn videos to jerk off to, thousands of movies to yank your chain on, thousands of live cam shows to jack off with, and thousands of porn games to play and, you guessed it, wank off to. Aside from the 3D fucktoy that by itself is pretty great already, you basically get thousands upon thousands of all the kinds of porn you want! And yet, that’s not all! You can also be given access to videos from paid sites, that you, of course, will pay for. 

SexEmulator is a great site, it has a nice game built in. That nice game eventually turns out to be only one of the things that the site has to offer, and is actually just a gimmick. You’re basically a consumer that consumes a product, and as a show of appreciation, you get MORE products to consume! And of course, by product, I mean porn. Consume is actually a nice word to represent what happens while we watch porn.

Our rating: MAX HARDCORE!

🔥💋 Live sex show with pornstars. Enjoy now! 🍑🔥