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Gone are the days when porn was the only thing in the industry of adult entertainment. Nowadays there are plenty of more engaging things to do online. There those who watch porn. Others masturbate to cam shows. Then there those of us who enjoy a cool adult game. There thousands of adult games. Choosing the best for you is not easy. That’s where Sex Emulator comes in.

About Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator is a website with a collection of sex games. It makes it easy for you to choose the best adult games. It has an amazing organization and awesome membership options. Keep reading and find out more about this platform.

First Experience

The signing up process is easy. Once you visit the page, you will be required to select your gender. Then you will need to select the gender of your “partner.” From there you can create a perfect girl for yourself. Select hair color, body type, and eye color. Then you can fuck your dream girl to satisfaction.
You might be tempted to think that paying money for that is a waste. Well, that is only the introduction. Once you pay, you will get access to more than 400 sex games. You will also get access to more than 150 hentai games. You can play any game on the platform and you will not need to pay more. Just a monthly subscription.

Features of Sex Emulator

The first feature is you get access to lots of addicting sex games. You get access to more than 400 3D sex games and you only need to pay monthly. With all they have to offer, the monthly subscription is more than a bargain.
You also get access to thousands of HD porn videos. Once you become a premium member, you can stream porn videos at any time. They also keep on updating more. There will always be something new to watch.
The site has over 150 hentai games. If you get bored playing the standard porn games, you can always try the hentai games. If you become addicted to one game, you can browse it over and over again. In short, you are the one in control.


Sex Emulator offers plenty of games and videos. The games are in 3D and the videos in HD. They have worked very hard to ensure you get the best experience. As an appreciation, they just require you to pay a small price of $20 per month. You were not expecting it to be free, were you?
Twenty dollars is a very small fee to pay. Everything on the site is legit and they have to pay them as well. You will not need to pay any other amount after this. You can play as many games and jerk off to as many videos as you want. They may be charging slightly higher than some platforms but it’s worth it.


Let’s have a look at the best features of the game

Fast loading speed

The loading speed while playing the games is super-fast. You don’t have to wait for minutes for a game to load. Games of this caliber normally cause havoc on the processor. But the games on Sex Emulator can be played on any computer without problems.
Porn videos also load fast. Whether you want to watch online or download on your PC for later. A one hour video can load in less than a minute if you have a strong internet connection.

Amazing Graphics

Most games on the platform are in 3D. They have some amazing graphics you might be tempted to think you are playing in PlayStation. Most of these games can be played in your browser. You don’t have to download them to enjoy.

Regular Updates

The platform keeps on updating both games and videos. If you are the kind who prefers something new every day, sex emulator will provide that for you. The selection keeps on growing and you will always have something to enjoy.


All the transactions on the platform are secure and cannot be traced back to an adult site. No one has to know that you are paying for sex games if you don’t want them to know.


There’s a flip side of the coin


One thing that is annoying is the ads on the website. Nothing can be more boring than when you want to access something in a hurry and ads keep on popping up. They should at least have an ad-free version even if it means paying more. Who reads those ads anyway?

Final Thoughts

Sex Emulator is pretty good. If you are a fan of adult games, you will love it. It also has a huge collection of porn videos. Updates are regular and you will always have something to enjoy. We highly recommend it.
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