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So up next, we’re going to look at a porn site that probably all of you already knows. It’s one of the oldest thriving adult websites out there. Today, we are going to be talking about XHamster.Com!

Tell me about it!

XHamster has been serving porn videos, erotic photos, and live sex shows since 2007. Currently, they have almost 24 million individuals and more than 4 Million videos! This just goes to show how many people trust them in giving them an absolute pleasure.

Just a little background, you don’t generally need to register or be a member get to their videos and download them. But honestly, signing up is much better because you get to watch the videos without random ads popping out, plus you only get to watch their videos in HD once you signed up. There are also contents that are only exclusive to registered accounts so you better do if you don’t wanna miss out! Don’t worry tho because joining XHamster is absolutely free! They won’t even request your credit card details at sign up! Signing up is actually so easy that you can just use your Google account.

Let’s Get Hardcore!

Enough introduction, I know what you’re here for… some hardcore porn! No stress because XHamster has it all! Again they have over 4 Million videos, they have all the genres there is! They have hundreds, maybe even thousands of categories and channels, all of them organized in alphabetical order! The list goes on from Accidental Creampies to Zumba Instructors! I swear, just like the XHamster motto, except theirs, is in reverse: no bullshit, just porn! And of course, there’s hardcore porn!

Hardcore porn is still a pretty broad category, but trust me they have everything you need and they’re rough and passionate just as you like them. You surely won’t get disappointed as you watch hot and sexy girls get rammed by their partners big throbbing dicks. There are also toys that are vigorously entered in and out of a submissive little slut. Of course, if you sign up, everything will be in high definition and will be as detailed as it can be.

Give Me More!

However, if you’re just passing by Max Hardcore and aren’t really looking for hardcore porn videos, specifically. You can still enjoy XHamster because other than the hundreds or thousands of categories they have, they also have a dating and a webcam feature. These features would come in handy if you’re getting bored of staged videos and want to talk and interact with actual, real people.

In dating, of course, you can flirt with the other members of XHamster that you’ll meet along the way. Also, there’s a dating button in the top menu of the site to help you filter out your prospect dates. You can also chat and watch sex shows live at XHamsterlive.com. There are thousands of amateur and professional models there just waiting for you to have a good time!

Lastly, for my exhibitionist friends out there, XHamster is continuing to expand their website by inviting more amateur porn stars to sign up and upload content in their site. If that’s your kink, go now and have a chance to earn $30,000 every month! Double win, right?

Now, go, head on to XHamster.Com, and get xhamstered!

🔥💋 Live sex show with pornstars. Enjoy now! 🍑🔥